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Residential House With Artificial Turf in San DeigoArtificial turf is a great option for a perfectly manicured lawn under drought conditions. You do not have to worry about upkeep or violating water restrictions to have a pretty lawn. Call our landscaping company to get a custom designed synthetic turf yard today.

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Artificial Turf Installation

Lasting artificial turf installation starts with proper prep work. In order to get the best results, our landscaping company does not cut corners. We make sure all the groundwork is laid out the right way the first time. We start by using a class II road base. This superior base consists of a 3 inch layer of crushed rocks that are compacted and then smoothed out. This provides a natural contour for your artificial turf. If you are thinking about installing synthetic turf, call us for an estimate. Once we have a base, we can lay down your new artificial turf. We use Tiger Turf products, the best on the market, to create a perfectly natural look. Not all installation and turf materials are created equal. Hiring experts, like us, will ensure longevity. Artificial turf can handle the natural wear and tear from pets and children and springs rights back into place. It can withstand the heat, too. In areas where temps are above 80-90 degrees, we can use a product to decrease blade temperature. Turf does not need to be mowed. It is easily cleaned with a quick rinse of water. Artificial turf is perforated and drains just as natural grass would. Let us come out and show you the natural feel and look you can achieve with a turf yard. Fresh Install of Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf

We can create the perfect, natural lawn that requires little maintenance. How often your turf is rinsed and groomed depends on the activity level it receives. Higher traffic areas should be groomed more often. Whether for your home or place of work, we have the perfect synthetic grass for you. All our options look great, but some are designed better for certain functions. Sports fields and parks have higher traffic areas. Many kennels, animal hospitals, and ranch owners choose synthetic turf for easy cleanup. Animal urine does not damage or stain the turf either. As a synthetic turf company, we only deliver the highest quality of products. By comparing face weights, stitch rates, nylon thatch percentage and backings, you will discover why the products we offer are superior. Durability and longevity should be balanced with the cost and aesthetic look of your lawn. Our company delivers all of these. Let one of our landscaping experts go over our vast selection. Whether for playgrounds, an office landscape, or a backyard garden, we can find the perfect synthetic turf solution for you. Why waste time, money, water, and a lot of sweat on natural grass when we can offer you a better choice? Contact our landscaping professionals today.

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We do artificial turf in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County.