Patio Stone Pavers Ideas and Projects for San Diego

February 24

[metaslider id=3112] Patio Stone Pavers are a great way to bring your backyard class and uniqueness. They are super strong and lend themselves to many hardscaping projects. Stone Pavers rarely crack, but if they do, each piece is easily replaceable. That’s why so many manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee with San Diego Pavers – something you won’t get with ordinary concrete.

Patio Stone Pavers Project

This Patio Stone Pavers project was completed in the summer of 2013 in Poway, San Diego CA. The project began by removing the existing concrete walkways and patios and installing RCP concrete pavers. We used an RCP product called Stonetop Tumbled. The color was a mixture of brownstone and charcoal brown. We installed the patio stone pavers using a modified herringbone pattern. The total square footage was approximately 4,750 square feet. The process involved installing 4″ of compacted class II road base for the patios and walkways, and 6″ for the driveway. For the driveway, we also installed a product called Mirafi geosynthetic woven fabric to separate the compacted road base from the clay sub soil layer beneath. Once the road base is compacted we install approximately 1″ of masonry sand to achieve a uniform and smooth surface to lay the concrete pavers. For the edges of the concrete Stone Paver Patio, walkways and driveway we install a soldier course using the rectangle paver units. These units are set in 4″-6″ of concrete with rebar reinforcement. Once the concrete has dried, we broom paver joint sand over the entire patio and driveway. A vibra plate compactor is used to ensure that the joint sand fills in all the joints and voids between the paver surface. The next step in finishing the concrete paver patio project is to clean all surfaces and apply a paver sealer. We used a product called BP Pro paver joint stabilizer and sealer.

Patio Stone Pavers in San Diego

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