San Diego Landscape Designs

Landscape design in San Diego and the nearby communities adds value and visual appeal to your home. We have been serving our neighbors in Southern California since 1998 with well thought out plans of action. We begin by listening to your ideas and growing a landscape design perfect for your property from there.

Residential Landscape Designs

When it comes to landscape design, we embrace the concept of diversity. The best results don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. No two back yards are exactly the same. No two homeowners want the exact same style and functionality. And with the various disciplines of expertise, there are simply too many options to utilize to feature a monolithic system or process. We work with wood, water, light, grass and rocks to create an organic, flowing backyard paradise.

For some projects on a property, multiple landscape designers need to be called in to achieve one goal, such as an outdoor kitchen or xeriscape. When you contact our company for landscape design in your backyard, however, we handle all aspects. That includes woodwork, water projects like waterfall or pool landscape design, hardscaping and more.

We offer comprehensive landscape design and services, so you don’t have to call multiple contractors for one job.

Landscape Design Ideas

We have all the tools at our disposal for your project. Here are some aspects of our work that can transform your backyard into your own paradise:

Rock, pavers and concrete – We have a generally arid, desert climate in our communities. There are a plethora of options when it comes to hardscaping. Connect the backyard pool to the patio with in-ground rocks or pavers. Rocks are an outstanding way to border built-in ponds and separate areas. We have the color, texture, shapes and patterns you will enjoy as you saunter the grounds of your landscape design.

The organic – Green is naturally restful on our eyes, and a healthy patch of grass is a welcome sign of abundance. Our sod pops brilliantly to the eye, contrasting nicely from the earth tones of the hardscaping involved in your home’s new landscape design. Grass is also a wonderful relief from the hot pavement.

Water – Traditionally, in drier climates throughout the world, water is a sign of prosperity. All life seems to have a natural, innate appreciation for water’s power and beauty. Our backyard landscape design can provide your property with several options to celebrate this fundamental component of life.

Wood – Wood is another preferred natural material, and we provide excellent work in carpentry. A deck is a popular option for just about any property in any part of the country, and in Southern California this structure can be combined with many others. A gazebo is a brilliant destination to escape the indoors for a conversation with a visitor or to simply head outside with your favorite novel and a lemonade. Our carpentry work also includes stairs, pergolas, patio screens and patio covers.

Maintenance – We maintain relationships with past clients through the years. They remain fully satisfied with what we initially accomplish with landscape design. Our maintenance program ensures your gardens or rockscapes will remain in good shape; your grass will remain healthy and green; your water will continue to flow smoothly and cleanly; and your wood remains strong.

In today’s housing market, more residents are choosing to stay put and invest in their home. The great aspect of investing in your property is that it improves your lifestyle. Landscape design can give you a more comfortable outdoor space and add value to your home. Let us provide you with a free landscape design estimate today.

We offer landscape design in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County.