Aerating Your Backyard Fish Pond Water

July 29

Are you interested in having a backyard or garden fish pond or water garden for your San Diego home or business? A fish pond can help enhance a garden and becomes a focal and talking point for guests to your garden. However, never think that a backyard fish pond is a set-and-forget feature – you will always be concerned with aerating your backyard fish pond water. Fish require an environment that mirrors their natural habitat, say, a river. Rivers run into the sea and are regularly replenished by clean rainwater. This natural course of events, coupled with the movement of the water over rocks and other obstacles keeps the fish’s environment advantageous to the fish. You cannot do the same, but you can emulate nature. If you fail to do this, your fish will become sick with diseases that a novice will not notice and die.

Backyard Fish Pond Water Tips

Backyard Fish PondThe main thing that fish need is clean, oxygenated water. So, how do you manage that? Well, the first thing to realize is that pond fish do not require as much oxygenated water in the winter as in the summer, because fish are semi-dormant in the winter. However, warm water is not capable of holding as much oxygen as cold water, so you genuinely need a good aeration system in the summer. Therefore, you need to set up some sort of effective fish pond water aeration system. This aeration system will be linked closely with your pond filtration device. The front line apparatus for oxygenating your backyard fish pond water is the pond pump. In fact, you may even need two pond pumps. Oxygen can be sucked out of your pond water by rotting vegetation and algae, so extricating these will help aerate your pond water. Therefore, you should use a general pond pump that will allow pond debris to pass through its impeller blades. The pump will drive the water to your pond filter in order to remove it. The water will then return to the pond. If you let it fall from step to step on its way back, the water will be polished and aerated when it arrives home in the pond. Another measure you can take is to install a pond fountain. However, you will almost certainly need a different pump, because the filtration pump allows pond vegetation debris through, which would clog the jets of the pond fountain. The water from the fountain will oxygenate the pond when it falls back to the surface. If you are interested in having your own Backyard Fish Pond, or need help with your existing pond, contact us at  (858) 583-4105 or email