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Quality patio pavers San Diego backyards love

Residents of San Diego are truly blessed. San Diego’s sunny climate makes outdoor living a delightful year-round experience. Having a cozy outdoor bbq island in San Diego will give you all the more reason to spend more time in your backyard. The larger the patio next to your outdoor kitchen, the better. Not only can you use it to for outdoor meals, but also to host memorable outdoor parties for friends and family.

Just take a word of advice from the leading paver installers in San Diego and add a paver to your patio: it will be worth your while. If sustainability is your primary concern, then a paver is an excellent choice, as you will be saving resources in the long run. What’s more, with a paved patio, you will be getting the most out of warm summer nights or chilly weekends in the late fall for many years to come.

What are patio pavers?

Installing patio pavers in San Diego means never having to worry about cracking due to tree roots, clay soils and expansion from temperature changes. You can’t say the same about ordinary poured concrete. Pavers are made from “no slump” concrete with natural mineral oxide color pigments, compacted under great pressure and high frequency vibration. The spaces in between individual pieces, known as expansion joints, “give” with the conditions.

The beauty of pavers lies not only in their distinctive appearance but in the practical application of this unique hardscaping product. These stones have been a mainstay in commercial outdoor areas for good reason. They can withstand an enormous amount of pressure because of their hardness and strength. They are rated 4 times as strong as poured concrete (8000 psi vs. 2000 psi).

Many times homeowners prefer pavers over poured concrete because of the unique patterns, textures and colors provided in a single step. Although pavers are most often used for patios, driveways and walkways, they are also an excellent solution for outdoor kitchens and sidewalks.

Top-notch paver installation San Diego is proud to call its own

The offer of patio pavers in San Diego has never been more exciting. There are many ways to enhance your new concrete paver patio with the addition of block walls, a redwood patio cover or pergola, and even landscape lighting. The right softscape can even further compliment your new landscape by planting the right trees, shrubs and vines in your garden.

Concrete paver design and construction is just another example of the many landscaping elements that can be added to your homes landscape and garden. Get in touch with us and let us help you choose the perfect combination of elements to include in your custom landscape. Pacific Dreamscapes is here to make the landscape you have envisioned come to life.

How long do patio pavers last?

Much like paved driveways, San Diego’s ever-popular choice, paved patios are an excellent investment because they are durable, practical and make maintenance virtually effortless. Add to that the expertise of the leading paver installers in San Diego and your patio paver will be in perfect condition for many years to come.

Concrete pavers are a great way to improve your landscape and garden. They are super strong and lend themselves to many hardscaping projects. They rarely crack but if they do, each piece is easily replaceable. That’s why so many manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee with San Diego Pavers – something you won’t get with ordinary concrete.

There are many types of concrete pavers that offer attractive design possibilities, making paver installation in San Diego all the more popular.

. Popular patterns include:

  • modified basketweave,
  • modified herringbone,
  • “L” pattern,
  • “I” pattern, and
  • random.

Transform your outdoor space with patio pavers in San Diego

Here at Pacific Landscapes, we have risen the bar for paver companies in San Diego because we listen to our clients. We want you to have a one-of-a-kind outdoor space that will be the ideal match for your home and your lifestyle.

The most wanted paver colors include earthy colors such as brown, gray, terra cotta, charcoal brown, and yellow brown. You can create your own unique blend by mixing different hues together.  

Concrete pavers also have different textures and finishes. If you want a more rustic surface, there are the tumbled and cobbled types of pavers. There are many natural stone types as well as affordable Stonetop finishes.

If you are uncertain about your preferred landscaping style, allow us to give you guidance or pay a visit to Balboa Park to find ideas. Perhaps its spectacular Bea Evenson Fountain will inspire you to incorporate one of the marvelous water fountains in San Diego with a similar texture into your landscape. Whichever path you decide to take, we’ll help you make the most out of outdoor living.

What is the best base for pavers?

We will help you decide on the best base for your pavers once we take a closer look at your backyard. Naturally, we always act with the client’s best interest at heart which has made us the number one choice for paver installation in San Diego.

First, we excavate the existing ground and apply the appropriate base material. We always focus on proper drainage by having a fall of approximately ¼” per foot. Next, we level and compact the base to ensure that it is firm enough to apply the paving stones.

We apply at least 4” of class 2 road base for pedestrian traffic and 6” of vehicular traffic. If large vehicles are going to be driven over the driveway, we apply 8” of road base to the area.

We install the pavers after compacting a 1” bed of clean, sharp concrete sand for the pieces to sit on. After paver installation, we spread more sand over the top and run a plate compactor over 3 or 4 times to achieve final compaction. Afterwards we apply a sealer to lock the sand in the joints.

Cream-of-the-crop paver installers San Diego can count on

Our paver installers are the cream of the crop and you can expect them to not only do an excellent job but also answer any question you may have prior to the installation process. Owing to our designers and builders’ unwavering professionalism and experience in the business, you can be completely confident that you have made the right call.

Paver installation in San Diego: Pacific Dreamscapes is the answer

We have an A+ rating with the BBB and have many references available upon request. We offer strong, beautiful pavers in San Diego and throughout San Diego County.

To contact a professional San Diego Paver Designers, or a free estimate on a Stone Paver Design in San Diego County, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at (858) 215-1965 or send us an e-mail to estimates@pacficdreamscapes.com.

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Here’s why San Diego customers love Pacific Dreamscapes

Karen O.

Robert and his crew did an amazing job in our backyard. The guys were very professional, respectful and very detail-oriented. The pavers, shade structure and turf transformed our backyard into a great oasis for entertaining or just plain relaxing and enjoying. We so highly recommend Robert and his crew, we will be using them again for future projects!

Joe K.

I contacted Robert to remove a large outdated water feature and replace it with a bar. Demolition went smoothly and they matched the existing hardscape perfectly. Highly recommend. Quality workmanship from all his employees.

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