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Barbecues for San Diego Homes

Barbecues, especially when custom built, create a gorgeous centerpiece to your outdoor living space. Buying a grill at a big-box store doesn’t offer the same sophistication as a barbecue grill surrounded by beautifully laid stone. With over 16 years of experience in outdoor kitchen design, we can build a masterpiece with a custom built backyard barbecue as the centerpiece.

Outdoor living is a way of life in San Diego. Our weather allows us to enjoy being outside all year round, so our clients demand spaces that will accommodate that lifestyle. An outdoor kitchen, spearheaded by a barbecue, should be an extension of the interior of your home. We can create a seamless flow so that your family can enjoy the space fully.

Outdoor Barbecues

Some outdoor kitchens may feature appliances like stoves, ovens, refrigerators and more, but the most common element is the barbecue. It is the quintessential king of outdoor cooking. As the main event, it must be second to none. Our team will help you to design something spectacular.

The best barbecue grills are ones that look great but function with ease, as well. We will discuss with you the placement for the best flow. It’s a lot like designing a kitchen indoors, because you want to have your cooktop near a workspace for easy cooking. But it is a little more complex because we have to consider what areas in your outdoor living space might be fire hazards and start from scratch with providing a fuel source. Of course, if you choose to go with a charcoal or wood-burning barbecue, it is simpler. But with our experience, gas and electric can be done quickly and safely.

We will work to design a cooking space that you can move through effortlessly but which also looks amazing. There are a variety of materials that we can work with like brick and several types of stone. We can do something as simple as surrounding your barbecue with stone to make it a beautiful stand-alone point, or we can add counter and storage space on both sides to create a true kitchen feel. Pavers add easy-care flooring.

San Diego Barbecue

While our weather is infamously mild and pleasant, barbecues still need to be able to withstand severe weather when it strikes. We use premium materials with a track record of being strong and reliable. As landscapers, we are outdoor experts. We understand the complexities of the weather and how to make things last for years to come.

One of the most important aspects of designing barbecues is ensuring that all parts are easy to access if they need repair. We’ve seen many instances where this wasn’t planned for and have had to saw through stone to get to the fuel source. You, hopefully, won’t need anything repaired or replaced for a long time, but if you do, it should be easy. We’ll make sure that caring for your new barbecue isn’t a hassle.

We are A+ rated with the San Diego Better Business Bureau and provide free estimates on all of our projects. Contact us today to find out more about building custom barbecues in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County.

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