Outdoor Barbeque Project Ideas for San Diego County

February 8

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  When spring comes to San Diego, Outdoor BBQ season is in full swing! Many people have traditional barbecues that are movable, but for the homeowner with a backyard, built in Outdoor Barbecues are the most fun way to enjoy the sun. Here is an Outdoor Barbecue Project Idea that our San Diego Landscapers built recently.

Outdoor Barbeque Project Ideas

This outdoor kitchen with barbecue project was built in Poway, CA. The outdoor kitchen components for this project were manufactured by Turbo and were purchased at Barbeques Galore in San Diego. We installed a barbeque grill with stainless steel cover along with a Turbo elite side burner, sink, storage drawers and refrigerator for the complete outdoor dining experience.

Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Island Combination

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect compliment to an Outdoor Barbeque Project. The outdoor kitchen and BBQ island were constructed using concrete masonry units (CMU) block. We installed a stone veneer to compliment the concrete and flagstone patio floor and to enhance the beauty of the landscape project. To give strength to the outdoor kitchen and barbeque island we used #4 rebar to reinforce the concrete block. Each CMU block was filled with 2500 psi strength concrete. The outdoor kitchen and barbeque island was completed when we installed a granite tile counter and wall capping to allow the customer to have a beautiful as well as smooth counter to cook and serve on. Enjoying late afternoon sunsets and mid summer cookouts with this Outdoor Barbecue Project Idea will last a lifetime! For more San Diego outdoor BBQ ideas or for making an on-site appointment on an outdoor barbeque in San Diego county, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at 858-583-4105 or email estimates@pacficdreamscapes.com