Patio Stone Pavers Ideas and Projects in San Diego

February 24

Patio Stone Pavers are a great way to bring your backyard class and uniqueness and are a perfect addition to features like waterfall gardens. They are super strong and lend themselves to many hardscaping projects. Stone Pavers rarely crack, but if they do, each piece is easily replaceable. That’s why so many manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee with their quality patio pavers San Diego customers can rely on – something you won’t get with ordinary concrete.

Patio Stone Pavers Project

This Patio Stone Pavers project was completed in the summer of 2013 in Poway, San Diego CA. The project began by removing the existing concrete walkways and patios and installing RCP concrete pavers. We used an RCP product called Stonetop Tumbled. The color was a mixture of brownstone and charcoal brown. We installed the patio stone pavers using a modified herringbone pattern. The total square footage was approximately 4,750 square feet. The process involved installing 4″ of compacted class II road base for the patios and walkways, and 6″ for the driveway. For the driveway, we also installed a product called Mirafi geosynthetic woven fabric to separate the compacted road base from the clay subsoil layer beneath. Once the road base is compacted we install approximately 1″ of masonry sand to achieve a uniform and smooth surface to lay the concrete pavers. For the edges of the concrete Stone Paver Patio, walkways and driveway we install a soldier course using the rectangle paver units. These units are set in 4″-6″ of concrete with rebar reinforcement. Once the concrete has dried, we broom joint sand over the entire patio and driveway. A vibra plate compactor is used to ensure that the joint sand fills in all the joints and voids between the paver surface. The next step in finishing the concrete paver patio project is to clean all surfaces and apply a sealer. We used a product called BP Pro joint stabilizer and sealer.

Beautiful paver patio in San Carlos

Completed in August 2019, this project involved Bella Vista Stonetop 3-piece pavers in Brownstone color. These mimic the look and feel of natural stone and add a unique stylish touch to any patio, walkway, or driveway project. Once the pavers were laid down, we secured them with edging made from rectangle pavers set in concrete to create a soldier course. We also installed 4 inches of compacted road base beneath, adding another inch of decomposed granite for leveling. As the final step, we filled the cracks with polymeric joint sand and then sealed the pavers with BP Pro Enhancing Stabilizing Sealer. San Carlos Paver Patio Project

Modern and durable pavers in La Mesa

This stylish project from August 2016 involved Bella Vista Stonetop 3-piece pavers in Charcoal Brown, soldier course edging made from rectangle pavers set in concrete, and a compacted road base. The combination of materials in this project ensures hassle-free maintenance, lasting aesthetic appeal, and minimizes the possibility of cracking. We installed 4 inches under the patio pavers and an additional 8 inches beneath the driveway and also installed 1 inch of decomposed granite to level the pavers. The project was finalized with the addition of polymeric joint sand as well as the BP Pro Enhancing Stabilizing Sealer. Sturdy Stone Pavers in La Mesa

Stunning paving project in Escondido

We had the pleasure of working on this enchanting project in 2019. To create a natural flagstone look, we used Belgard Mega Arbel stone pavers in Montecito color. Their textured surface and irregular shape allow for a harmonious, integrated appearance. The project involved 4 inches of compacted road base under the pavers, as well as an additional inch of decomposed granite for leveling. We also added a touch of contemporary style by using Belgard Catalina Grana pavers in the Bella Color as the edging. As usual, the pavers were secured with joint sand and BP Pro Enhanced sealing product. Dependable Patio Paver Installation in Escondido, San Diego

Sleek and elegant Amat pavers

The Belgard Catalina Grana Pavers in Tuscana color combine crisp, elegant lines and a smooth surface to create a unified contemporary look. Known for extreme durability and versatility, these pavers are fantastic for high-traffic spaces and can be incorporated into virtually any patio, walkway, or driveway. The process involved a 4-inch compacted road base, 1-inch decomposed granite, as well as a soldier course made from rectangle pavers set in concrete. This project also included the final step of securing the concrete pavers with polymeric joint sand and sealing them with BP Pro Enhancing Stabilizing sealer. We completed this modern project in the summer of 2019. Quality Stone Patio Pavers in San Diego

How do you install pavers in San Diego?

When laying down pavers for your patio, our technicians follow a carefully devised multi-step procedure. The process includes the following steps:
  • Removing the existing pavers (if needed): in order to create a suitable base for your new stone pavers, we will have to remove any existing patios or walkways;
  • Determining the needed number of pavers: we will calculate the available space for your San Diego project in square feet to determine the right amount of materials;
  • Laying down the base: before starting the installation process, our technicians will lay down the base and compact it. Different products may require different types of base materials;
  • Adding sand: once the base is compacted, we will add masonry sand to create a smooth surface for your patio pavers;
  • Setting down the edging; to make sure your pavers don’t move or sink, our technicians will install soldier course edging;
  • Laying down the pavers: we will set your pavers down in a pattern that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also minimizes the number of cut pieces;
  • Adding more sand: in order to keep everything snugly in place, we will spread joint sand over the surface and use a plate compactor to make sure the sand fills all the gaps;
  • Cleaning the surface: the final step of your project in San Diego is to clean all the surfaces and apply a sealer.

Is it hard to install a paver patio?

Installing concrete pavers requires substantial knowledge and expertise if it’s to be done well. While many homeowners decide to lay down their pavers on their own, doing so without the proper materials and skills may cause the pavers to sink or result in a number of different issues. That is why it’s a better idea to hire experienced San Diego installers for your concrete pavers if you wish to make sure your new outdoor area stays in great shape for years to come.

How deep do you have to dig to lay pavers?

The exact preparation process for your paver installation will depend on your specific circumstances as well as the type of pavers you choose. In general, installations tend to require a depth of around 9 inches as this allows ample space for laying down the base and the pavers. Either way, the best way to determine the right approach for your project is to rely on knowledgeable paver installers in your area.

Can you lay pavers directly on dirt?

While a standard paver installation requires soil excavation and adding a gravel base to ensure durability, it is possible to install pavers on dirt but this solution can only be temporary. This may be a good idea if you want to have your pavers for one season or two and if you live in a warmer climate where the ground in your yard won’t freeze during the winter months. To install them on dearth, you will have to remove any roots and growth from the area and install edging and weed barrier fabric to stop any weeds from growing.

How much does it cost to install a paver patio?

Investing in concrete pavers for your outdoor retreat in San Diego is a great way to add value and comfort to your home. The precise costs of the project will depend on a number of factors, including:
  • Square footage: the size of your patio area will influence the total cost of the installation service. The more square feet you wish to cover with pavers, the higher the overall expenses will be.
  • Patio material: the price of your patio will depend on the type of paving material you choose. For example, basic concrete is bound to cost less than stone pavers, flagstone, or brick.
  • The supplies needed for the project: the specific base and edging materials and other equipment needed for the project will also add to the final cost of your installation. Different projects may require different underlay materials and additional supplies.
  • Additional requirements and structural considerations: your paver installation services are likely to cost more if the installers need to remove existing pavers or install your patio on sloped ground.
The most efficient way to determine the overall costs of your patio project in San Diego is to seek a professional estimate. If you are thinking about installing patio pavers in your yard, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pacific Dreamscapes and share your ideas.

Are pavers cheaper than concrete?

While installing stone pavers for your patio instead of basic concrete may be more expensive initially, high-quality pavers have several significant advantages both in terms of durability and long-term costs. Here’s why installing pavers in your San Diego property is a smarter idea financially:
  • They last longer: modern concrete pavers are highly durable and will stay in tip-top shape for far longer than basic concrete;
  • They require fewer repairs: typical concrete slabs are associated with frequent replacements and repairs, whereas pavers are much more durable and far easier to replace if needed;
  • They require less maintenance: pavers require very little cleaning and maintenance are unlikely to crack over time;
  • They add value to your home: installing a modern patio area will increase the sales price of your home and bring you a substantial return on investment if you decide to sell your home.

Pacific Dreamscapes: your go-to experts for stone pavers in San Diego

If you’re looking for a stylish and long-lasting addition to your home, the expert landscapers at Pacific Dreamscapes would be happy to help. We work with a team of skilled industry professionals to enable homeowners and buyers to enhance the value and appeal of their property through imaginative, carefully designed projects. At Pacific Dreamscapes, we use top-quality materials and rely on cutting edge techniques to install durable and aesthetically-pleasing pavers across the area. Our top-rated paver installers will carefully listen to your wishes and ideas to make sure your new patio meets your needs and follows the latest industry standards. For more ideas regarding artificial turf designs and Stone Pavers San Diego residents find irresistible or if you want to schedule an on-site appointment about a Patio Stone Paver Project in San Diego County, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at 858-583-4105 or email