Do Pets and Artificial Grass Get Along?

June 22

You’re thinking of installing artificial turf in your yard, but you’re not quite sure if your beloved pet would actually enjoy a spot of artificial grass. Yes, that’s just another matter to pay attention to, besides wondering how to install artificial grass, and how thick your artificial turf should be. Oh, and there’s preventing your artificial grass from developing a smell, that’s also important. But, as complicated as it seems, artificial turf is a great choice. But, let’s see if you should consider asking for artificial turf installation services in San Diego if you own a pet.

Is artificial grass good for pets?

Yes, yes it is. Although you might actually think “Hey, how can it be good when it’s made from synthetic fibers?”, and claim that the real deal is always better, there actually are several important reasons why artificial turf is great for pets. Yes, grass is grass, always has been, always will be, but artificial grass has more merits than you’re actually aware of. So, let’s see why artificial turf is not only a good but a great choice if you’ve got pets.  
  1. Easy to clean – You can’t very well clean regular grass now can you? Even if your dog chooses to use it as his own personal bathroom, you’ll be able to clean in in a jiffy. You can simply hose all the dirt off, and leave it as spotless as before.
  2. No mud – Part of the reason why artificial grass is so easy to clean is that there’s no actual mud beneath it. This means that you won’t get all muddy after a sudden shower and that you’ll clean it without making a lot of mud too.
  3. Awesome for play- Your dog will love you for installing artificial grass because it feels so great to play on. The feeling under the paws of the luxurious spongy artificial turf, the perfect smoothness of the surface… Can we play too?
  4. No digging! – For example, if you own a dog, you know that they looove digging up the yard. With artificial grass, you’ll no longer have to worry about your pet making a mess in the yard. He’ll try but won’t succeed.
  5. It’s resilient! – As much as he tries, your pet won’t be able to actually damage the artificial turf you’ve just installed, which means it will last longer, reducing costs in the long run.
  6. Non-toxic – Sure, there are cheaper types of artificial grass that can be toxic, but you should stay far away from those. Artificial turf is completely non-toxic, and you can install it if you have pets without worrying for a single second.
  7. It keeps looking good – Finally, no matter how lively your pet is, as we’ve said, there’s little he can do to damage artificial turf, which means your yard will keep looking awesome for a long, long time.

What is the best artificial grass for dogs?

Is artificial grass good for pets   Now that you know your dog will simply adore the artificial turf you’re thinking of installing, let’s see what kind of characteristics the perfect artificial turf for dogs should possess. We’ve separated them into three most important categories:
  1. Pile height – The durability of your artificial lawn depends on the height of piles, but also the material the turf is made of. So, depending on the material, there are two choices:
    • If artificial grass is made from polypropylene or polyethylene, you should go for a pile height of 22 to 30 millimeters.
    • If artificial grass is made from nylon, which is harder, you can choose a pile height up to 35 millimeters.
  2.  Pile density – This should be an easy decision. The denser the pile the better will your artificial turf be for your dog. Simple as that. So, anywhere from 16,000 to 18,000 stitches per square meter should do nicely!
  3. Fibre material – Finally, going back to the material – you should choose a material that is hard-wearing. So, you should consider going with nylon, as it will ensure your dog will not be able to damage the artificial turf.

“Which company provides dependable artificial turf installation services in San Diego?”

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