Artificial Turf Ideas for San Diego Homes

January 26

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Artificial Turf Ideas

Home owners in San Diego County are increasingly looking to Artificial Turf Ideas for their lawns as drought and water cost considerations increase. Artificial turf lawns help homeowners to have great looking lawns with minimal maintenance – and minimal water costs. They are green, eco-friendly and considerate of the environment. In fact, artificial grass lawns are a growing part of the green movement in San Diego because we’ve realized how important it is to conserve our natural resources.

Ridgeway Artificial Turf Project

This artificial turf project was installed in La Mesa, San Diego, California, in the spring of 2015. For this project, we used a product called Riviera Pro manufactured by Tiger Turf and sold at the Synthetic Grass Warehouse located in Anaheim California. The first process in installing Artificial Turf is to remove the existing lawn. You then excavate the soil to a depth of approximately 6″. The next process is to install 4″ of compacted class II road base to the entire area which will become your lawn area. After the road base is compacted and level, install 1″ of decomposed granite or masonry sand. This allows for a more uniform and smooth surface in which to lay the artificial turf. The turf comes in widths of up to 15′ wide. A professional San Diego Landscaper will always install the artificial turf rolls with the grain facing the area to be viewed the most. The installation process consists of using 60D 6″ nails to attach the artificial turf to the sub base. If the area for your lawn is wider than 15′ stitching the rolls together is required. Once the artificial turf is installed use a #16 silica sand for the turf infill to support the grass fibers and add dimensional stability. A power broom and turf rake is used to get the grass fibers to stand up straight. Once this process is completed use a garden hose to clean off the surface and compact the silica sand infill. For more artificial turf ideas or an on-site consultation, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at 858-583-4105 or email