How to Maintain Your Porcelain Pavers

December 29

Porcelain stone pavers can be an excellent choice for your backyard in San Diego. Whether you’d like to build a stepping stone path or a patio, there’s a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from.  However, in order for your hardscape feature to last and keep its appeal, it’s important to maintain it properly. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your porcelain looking nice and clean.

Can you pressure wash porcelain paving?

Yes, one of the possible ways to clean this type of material can be pressure washing. However, there are other steps you can take on a daily basis and at different frequencies to keep it dirt-free:

Daily maintenance

The regular, daily maintenance includes no more than a simple sweep. This way, you’ll remove dust, dirt, and other debris that ends up on the surface throughout the day. However, if you notice spots where the color is clouded, use a mild liquid detergent to make a solution with warm water, and use it to scrub the affected area using the non-abrasive side of a sponge.

Weekly cleaning

This stage of cleaning can be done once a week or every couple of weeks, depending on the amount of traffic and how much dirt accumulates and sticks to the surface during that time. All you need to do is make the same liquid detergent solution, only a slightly larger amount of it, and use a soft bristle brush to scrub the entire surface. Make sure you rinse the solution well so you don’t leave a slightest streak of residue.

Pressure washing

You can occasionally use pressure washing to remove any dirt or dust buildup that has accumulated over time. However, it’s essential that you use it properly and make sure you hold the lance at a narrow angle while working your way across the surface and don’t point it directly at the joints.

Acid cleaning

Acid cleaners aren’t recommended for everyday maintenance since they can damage the surface. However, if your porcelain pavers have stains you can’t remove by applying any of the methods we mentioned so far, you can give it a try. It’s crucial that you thoroughly read the instructions on the cleaner, mind acid percentage, and start with the mildest options.

Seasonal maintenance

There are several actions and checkups to perform with at the onset or end of each season to keep your features in top-condition:
  • Spring. Perform a thorough cleanup and check the joints for any damage. If you find any, make sure you repair it before it starts spreading.
  • Summer. With increased traffic, damage is more likely to occur, so make sure you check regularly. Keep up with the regular cleaning as needed. 
  • Fall. Make sure you keep leaves and other natural debris off the surface since they can cause staining, especially when wet. 
  • Winter. With minimal traffic, all you need to do is remove ice or snow when possible in order to keep it safe in case someone walks over.

porcelain stone pavers san diegoWhere can I find the best porcelain stone pavers in San Diego?

Due to their numerous benefits, porcelain pavers are a common hardscaping material. However, before you make your final choice, it’s important to learn more about their properties and the different methods you can use to install them Moreover, the key to creating a hardscape feature that perfectly upgrades your backyard and adds to the curb appeal is reaching out to dependable specialists. At Pacific Dreamscapes, we boast our dedicated crew of experienced and skilled specialists that can make your home stand out, be it in Tierrasanta or elsewhere across the region. Give us a call today!