Backyard Makeover: Designing an Unusual Area

May 6

If you have a backyard of a peculiar shape or limited size, you’re faced with a few design challenges. However, you can easily overcome them if you plan your backyard makeover properly. Of course, relying on the best experts for custom landscape design in San Diego can make all your landscape troubles go away.

Whether you want to create a backyard garden oasis or design your backyard landscape perfectly, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with the basic landscape rules and principles. This will allow you to tackle any space challenges you come across.

How to design a small backyard patio?

Just because you have a small backyard, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing outdoor space. On the contrary, with the right design approach, you can turn your backyard into a haven despite its limited size. And should you need some professional help and guidance, you can always reach out to the best landscape experts in San Diego.

Either way, you need to implement steps that will help you make the most of the available space. What’s more, certain design tricks can even help you create an illusion of spaciousness in your small backyard. Here are some of them:

  • Pave it: A simple way to set up a patio is to have it paved. There are alluring paver designs that can bring color, patterns and style to your small backyard patio. Pavers are also an easy-to-maintain, high-quality feature that can last for years to come.
  • Go vertical: Since you don’t have enough floor space, you can think vertical instead. Place potted plants on shelves, use hanging planters or have a green wall designed.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t clutter your small backyard with too many design elements. This will make it seem even smaller and more crowded. Instead, use simple elements with clean lines for a balanced look.
  • Choose functionality: Make your small backyard more functional by picking multifunctional furniture pieces and designing adjustable patio areas that can meet your different needs.

Add an impactful feature: To refocus attention from the limited size of your patio, introduce one captivating landscape feature. For example, you can add a water fountain that everyone will admire. Just make sure to follow San Diego water conservation tips to make your home more sustainable.

How to design a long and narrow backyard?

Designing and decorating a long and narrow backyard is another common landscaping obstacle. Luckily, it’s not an insurmountable one, especially not for experienced landscape designers in San Diego.

Although this type of backyard does present certain limitations when it comes to landscape design, you can still maximize the use of space and make the area stylish by following several important steps:

  • Use circular, rectangle or square paver designs. This will help you accentuate the shapes rather that the length and narrowness of your backyard.
  • Create smooth transitions between different areas. Avoid harsh boundaries between different zones and use landscape elements and plants to create seamless transitions from one to another.
  • Ensure your privacy with plants, fences or pergolas. The shape of your backyard may give access to the prying eyes, so set up different solutions for more privacy.
  • Don’t accentuate the path, but emphasize the areas. If you have a single path leading up to the end of your backyard, it will accentuate the length. Instead, draw more attention to charming backyard areas that you’ve created.

Create a seating area instead of placing benches on the sides. This way, you’ll avoid making your backyard even more narrow.

First-rate custom landscape design pros in San Diego can rise to the challenge

Whether your backyard is small or long and narrow, we at Pacific Dreamscapes know how to handle it. We’re one of the leading companies for landscape design across the area, and there’s no landscape obstacle we cannot overcome. With us, you can count on customized services, exceptional customer support and second-to-none designers. We are here to suggest viable, practical and stylish landscape solutions that can turn your backyard into a haven. We can bring the beauty of the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve to your own home. Book an appointment today and let us prove it!