A Paver Driveway: Durability & Installation

June 27

Your driveway has a major impact on the curb appeal of your home, thus, affecting its overall value. Small improvements that suit the general style of your property can have a great return on investment, bring more value to your home and delight your visitors. However, it’s crucial that you choose the right improvements that are worth the cost.

For instance, a paved driveway brings durability and appeal, so it’s often the first choice of many homeowners who want to give their driveways a makeover. In fact, pavers can be better than concrete in many ways. To make sure that your driveway improvement pays off, you also need to get top-notch driveway paver installation in San Diego for maximum benefits. 

But, before handling this improvement project, you should take some time to find out what type of base you should use for pavers and whether they’re a good choice for driveways. 

Why do driveways crack?

One of the major problems with concrete driveways is cracking. Just imagine how unsightly a cracked driveway can look when set against your stylishly designed house. What’s more, cracks can start spreading over time and cause holes in your driveway. 

Is paving a driveway a good investment

So, what causes cracked driveways? There are actually several main reasons behind this: 

  • Improperly installed driveway base. This is the most common cause of cracking in asphalt and concrete driveways. So, it’s crucial that you hire a dependable company that can install your driveway base reliably. 
  • Growing tree roots. This cause can put a lot of pressure on different parts of your driveway. Eventually, as tree roots continue to grow, they will cause your driveway to crack. 
  • Melting ice with salt. Once the used salt melts the snow and ice, water will eventually freeze again, cause too much pressure and result in cracks in your driveway. So, you should definitely use sand because it won’t ruin your driveway.
  • Excessive weight. If you place heavy loads on a driveway that hasn’t been properly installed, there’s no doubt it will get cracked before you know it. 

Do pavers make a good driveway??

Unlike concrete, pavers are significantly less prone to cracking, which is why a great number of homeowners prefer them. They bring a great number of other benefits, so it’s no wonder that many choose them over concrete. 

So, considering all the perks of pavers, especially those of superior quality, you may wonder whether they’re the right choice for your driveway. Simply put, yes, they definitely are for a number of reasons. 

You should definitely go with pavers instead of concrete for your driveway because:

  • They can be significantly stronger than concrete because they’re less prone to cracking. 
  • If one of your pavers becomes worn-out, you don’t have to replace the entire driveway, but just an individual paver
  • Pavers don’t require curing time and they provide much better traction when they’re wet. 
  • If weeds grow between the joints, you can easily remove them while roots can cause concrete to crack. 
  • Pavers can last up to 50 years and even more in some cases provided that they’re properly installed and maintained. 

So, if you’re ready to remodel your driveway or build it from scratch, you should consider going with pavers. Just make sure to follow the relevant regulations for driveways to make sure you’re compliant. 

Is paving a driveway a good investment?

There’s no doubt it is! When you consider the value for money they bring, their high durability and flexibility, as well as their visual appeal, you realize that choosing pavers will recoup the initial costs at the very least by adding more value to your property. 

What’s more, if you invest in top-of-the-line pavers made of a durable material, you’ll get a driveway that will last for years. And if you decide to sell your home at any point, a paved driveway will appeal to a great number of buyers. 

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