El Cajon Pond Landscaping Ideas, Harker Pond Design Project

January 13

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Pond Landscaping Ideas

Pond Landscaping Ideas can sometimes be a challenge to come up with. Every home has a different look and feel to it and each property can’t have the same Landscape Design. Even searching online for ideas can only get you to a certain point, since those Pond Designs were built specifically for that California Homeowner. This is an El Cajon pond project we did using Aquascape pond materials.

Pond Design

This pond was built in 2013 in El Cajon CA near the Singing Hills Golf Resort. First we carved out our steps into the existing hillside to create our waterfall drops. We hauled away approximately 3 tons of soil after excavation for the pond. Next we installed our underlayment which is used to protect the rubber liner from sharp rocks and roots. After the underlayment is installed we put down our 45 mil rubber liner, starting from the bottom. Once the liner is installed, we make sure all the creases and folds are as flat as possible, so they won’t be visible above the pebbles which will cover the pond liner. After the liner is installed we put in the Aquascape skimmer. The skimmer acts as a place for the pond pump to be placed. The skimmer should always be placed in an area which is as far away from the waterfall as possible. Placing the skimmer too close to the waterfall reduces the amount of water to be cleaned by the skimmer. The pond pump is then placed into the skimmer and attached to a check valve and the waterfall plumbing. On this project we used an Aquasurge 4000-8000 GPH pump. The pump comes with a remote control which allows the owner to turn the waterfall on or off with the remote control. The owner can also control the flow of the pond waterfall from low to high.

Water Features

The next step in building this pond was to install the boulders and rock which make up the vertical walls of each waterfall drop. We typically use an assortment of small, medium and large boulders to created the most natural looking pond waterfall as possible. We use large flat boulders for the waterfall spillways which sometimes can take time to install, depending on the weight of the boulder. This step is repeated for each waterfall drop. When the highest level is completed, the flexible PVC pipe is glued into the Aquascape spillway. Once this is completed, the excess liner is trimmed away using scissors. Additional boulders are used to hide all the vertical walls of the waterfall and pond, and ornamental pebbles can be installed to cover the liner.

Landscape Lighting

Next, we install the LED pond lighting and connect to the low voltage transformer. After this the water can be added and aquatic plants placed in their proper locations throughout the pond. We recommend adding a dry bacteria to the pond directly in front of the skimmer. The bacteria will colonize in the filter pads and reduce the amount of string algae growth.
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