Stucco Walls: San Diego Design & Install

Country Manor walls can enhance your landscape and protect your property in so many ways. They make it easier to garden and prevent soil erosion. They define outdoor spaces and give order to landscape. They add privacy and act as a windbreak. Call us for stunning, maintenance-free concrete wall design. When you design and construct custom walls, you should carefully plan it out so that it will blend in well with the surrounding landscape. Almost any hardscape of natural stone or brick will compliment plant materials in the garden. Most custom walls require a good deal of skill to ensure that it is built properly and safely. Because of their height, walls can be much more difficult to construct than just a flat patio or walkway. If done haphazardly, the job will look sloppy rather than charming.

Backyard Retaining Walls

Custom walls can be both attractive and functional. A modest amount of soil can be held back by dry-stacking boulders and large rocks. Water will seep through when it rains, allowing for a natural drainage of moisture. A retaining wall built by dry stacking must lean back toward the soil it is to retain at a fairly steep angle. A 45-degree angle is needed for maximum strength. Custom walls can also include stackable blocks. They usually have a lip at the back which slips over the top back edge of the block below it. Some stackable blocks are held together with fiberglass pins, which are inserted in holes in the blocks.

Concrete Wall Design

When designing and constructing concrete custom walls that are over 4 feet tall, they must be installed with a french drain behind the wall to allow for proper drainage. Without this system in place, it is liable to heave over during heavy rains. We always ensure the proper drainage. Custom walls for garden design are freestanding structures, which means they do not retain soil. These are usually built as decorative masonry for gardens and landscape. These too must be built with a proper foundation; otherwise they will become unsafe and fall over in time. We build ours to last. If your hardscape includes mortared stone custom walls, they must rest on a solid concrete footing; otherwise the mortar joints will crack. And we don’t depend on the mortar to hold it together; we choose stones that are close to square and that are flat on at least some sides so that they can be stacked without wobbling. If done properly, this type of landscaping structure will have a natural rustic look that will be very appealing. Another way to beautify block custom walls is to face them with stone veneers or flagstones. This can greatly improve the appearance and lend charm. There are many different types of stone veneer, from river rock to a slate type of stone. Choose us to build your hardscape with confidence. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Make your yard all it can be with custom concrete designs. We provide custom walls in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County.