Water Fountain Design: Top Info for Every Homeowner

September 20

If you’ve fallen in love with all those enticing water fountains in San Diego and decided to add one to your backyard, you should learn a few things about these water features beforehand. There are different water fountain design considerations, from finding the perfect spot for your water fountain to learning how to keep your fountain clean Nonetheless, a charming water fountain will truly add a peaceful vibe to your backyard, enabling you to relax and unwind in a setting that inspires serenity. 

How do you make an outdoor water fountain?

Although you can find some simple DIY ideas for water fountains, it’s generally advisable to hire professional landscape designers to handle this project. Unless you really excel at landscaping and handiwork, you probably won’t be able to achieve the same level of expertise that professional landscapers boast. In addition, they will provide you with a few extra perks:
  • An array of design options. If you hire experts to design your outdoor water fountain, you will have a variety of designs at your disposal. The pros always keep up with the most recent trends and can achieve a great level of design complexity. 
  • Superior quality. Professional fountain designers use first-rate supplies and equipment to deliver outstanding results. They will make sure everything is up to scratch when it comes to your fountain design, implementing materials and components of long-lasting quality. 
  • Masterful skills and expertise. This is one of the most important perks professional landscapers bring. Owing to their knowledge and experience, landscape superstars will not only provide you with exquisite design work, but also be able to advise you on fountain size, placement, proper wall fountain mounting, and anything else you may need. 

How much is an outdoor water fountain?

One of the first things homeowners consider when deciding to have a water fountain installed is the overall cost. However, giving a single answer to this question is impossible because the cost of water fountains and their installation greatly varies.  There are a few factors that can determine the cost of having an outdoor water fountain designed in your backyard:
  • Fountain type. Do you want a wall fountain or a freestanding one? Depending on which one you choose, the price can vary from $5,000 to $12,000. 
  • Material. This is another common factor that affects the price of water fountains. 
  • Size. Big fountains are naturally more expensive than smaller ones such as simple birdbaths. 
  • Company itself. Just because some company offers low rates, it doesn’t mean that the total cost won’t be over the top. They may include some hidden fees they haven’t revealed at first. So, you need to find dependable contractors with transparent pricing based on complete honesty. 

Why are water fountains good?

If you’re wondering what specific benefits water fountains bring, you’ll be surprised to hear that there are more than a few: 
  • Enhanced visual appeal. Adding a water fountain to your backyard will truly give it a unique, interesting look. A water fountain can be used as a simple accent detail or eye-catching focal point. Either way, introducing it will undoubtedly elevate your outdoor decor. 
  • Tranquil atmosphere. There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of water. But now, instead of going to Black’s Beach to listen to waves, you can do it right in your backyard sanctuary. Consequently, this will help you relieve stress and achieve inner peacefulness. 
  • Reduced noise pollution. The sound of water from your fountain will muffle the noise coming from the streets. And, believe it or not, this will have a positive effect on your state of mind. 
  • Increased home value. Creating an outdoor fountain will improve your backyard space and boost the value of your property. 

The best water fountains in San Diego are just around the corner

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