How to Create the Ideal Backyard Deck

August 23

Thinking about upgrading your backyard? A well-constructed deck would give it a lot of extra charm, as well as enhance the appeal and functionality of your property. It provides a multifunctional outdoor space, enriching your family life significantly and enabling you to have some quality moments outside. If you don’t know how to design your backyard retreat, deck builders from San Diego, CA, are there to help. Today they’ll explain how you can plan the deck of your dreams. Keep reading to find out more!

How do I plan a backyard deck?

To create a deck that suits your needs completely, you need to plan carefully. The whole process is rather complex and consists of a number of steps:
  1. Determine the purpose. Ask yourself why you want it in the first place. Is it for entertaining your family and guests? Do you envision it as a dining area? Once you have this in mind, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Go through local building regulations to see if there are restrictions or permit requirements in your area that you need to comply with.
  3. Make a design, taking sun orientation, wind direction, and the position of your house into consideration. Also, determine access points from your household and backyard.
  4. Consider the layout. Options are endless. You can have a detached or semi-detached deck. Or, if you prefer more privacy, a screened-in deck would be fabulous. You can opt for a wraparound version surrounding your home or a floating deck that introduces a modern and minimalistic touch to your property.
  5. Think about your budget and the material you want to use (for example, composite decking, wood, etc.), and do thorough research on all the costs, pros, and cons.
  6. Decide if you’re finishing the project yourself or if you’d rather rely on professionals. The second option is better if you don’t have much experience in the field.
  7. Create an exhaustive plan comprising all precise measurements and all details, including materials and all intended features (stairs, railing, etc.).
  8. If need be, apply for all required building permits.
  9. Get the materials, tools, and the area ready. An excellent idea is to make a list of all the necessary tools and materials. Prepare the area by removing any vegetation or debris. Finally, mark the intended deck’s position using string and stakes.
  10. Choose an appropriate foundation for your backyard feature depending on its size. You can use concrete footings, buried post footings, deck blocks, etc.
  11. Construct a sturdy frame. Your best bet is pressure-treated lumber. Make adequate spacing and ensure the construction is level and stable.
  12. Install the deck. Place your decking boards cautiously, leaving appropriate gaps for expansion and drainage. Hidden fasteners are a wise investment as they introduce a cleaner look.
  13.  Add finishing touches. You may need to sand rough surfaces or edges. Protect the wooden boards from the elements with a proper sealant or finish.
  14. Arrange the furniture to match your preferences. You can also place plants or other ornaments to make this space a perfect haven.
  15. Double-check that your construction is safe. 

End note:

Bear in mind that safety is crucial. If you doubt your DIY skills, it’s always better to hire experienced professionals to make sure your project is finalized safely and correctly.

Where can I find highly qualified deck builders in San Diego, CA?

Where can I find highly qualified deck builders in San Diego, CAIf you need help bringing your old deck back to life or want a brand-new one, you’ve come to the right address. Pacific Dreamscapes boasts incredibly experienced experts that will transform your backyard into a pleasant oasis of colors and shapes and increase your property value significantly. Our leading specialists will inspect your property, listen to your ideas and desires carefully and suggest a functional solution that will accentuate the beauty of your home in Pacific Beach or elsewhere in San Diego. Reach out today!