Madere Landscape in Del Mar

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This Landscape design project was completed in the summer of 2011 in Del Mar, San Diego CA. This project consisted of a concrete and flagstone patio, fire pit, fountain water feature, drip irrigation system and outdoor low voltage lighting system. For this landscape design project we first removed the old concrete patio and unwanted plant materials. Once we had a clean slate to work with, the design process began. The customer wanted an area where she could entertain family and friends. Since the residence is only a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar, San Diego Ca, we wanted the customer to be able to enjoy her landscape and patio during the daytime or evening hours. We built the fire pit using concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks which were then reinforced with #3 rebar. The fire pit for this landscape design project was then finished with a beautiful flagstone to compliment the stone used for the concrete patio. A simple yet beautiful fountain water feature was added to the landscape patio area to create a serene and calming sound which could be enjoyed while sitting around the fire pit at night. To complete the design we planted Irish and Scotch Moss between the flagstone to soften up the patio hardscape. Finally we added LED outdoor lighting to illuminate the patio and to show off the fountain at night.