Maintaining a Koi Pond

September 5

One of the most beautiful and relaxing water features that you can install in your garden or yard is a Koi pond. Koi ponds are a great way to enhance the appearance of your home, and they can help reduce your stress and negative energy. There is something calming about watching brightly-colored fish swimming peacefully in tranquil water: the effect is soothing, almost hypnotic. Koi fish symbolize good fortune, courage, and perseverance; and they are fairly easy to take care of. However, keeping your Koi pond well-maintained will require some work on your part. Your friends here at Pacific Dreamscapes want to offer up three tips to keep your Koi pond (and fish) in great condition.
  • Check your water – Regularly perform checks on the pond water to ensure that is has the right temperature and is free of algae, which spreads quickly and hogs the oxygen that is meant for your plants and fish. Water is generally checked for ph, nitrate and nitrite levels, and hardness. The best way to ensure that your pond’s water is clean is by the use of water filtration systems, but these filters also require regular checks and cleaning. Include plants like Anacharis, a type of plant that filters the water as they grow. You can also keep your pond water fresh by draining one-tenth of the current water and replacing it with “new” water regularly; as well as changing your pond’s water every month.
  • Check your fish – Check to see if your fish have any diseases or injuries. Koi fish are easy to take care of, so there shouldn’t be any problems as long as they are properly fed. And while we’re on the subject of feeding, make sure that your Koi aren’t overfed; as this could increase the levels of nitrite and ammonia in the pond, which in turn could lead to problems such as fish parasites or fin rot. Also, make sure that your pond isn’t overpopulated, and that the Koi have enough space to feed and breed properly.
  • Check your pond and items – When changing your pond water, clean all of the items that are in your pond such as decorative rocks, sculptures, tiles, and other pond features to keep them algae -free. Clean the sides of the pond as well. Use a proper algae scrub and plenty of hot water. Then, remove items that can harm your fish such as dead plant life, harmful insects, and even the residue that builds up and gets caught in your pond’s water pump and water filter.
Pacific Dreamscapes can help you design and build a Koi pond in your yard or garden, or; if you already have one, we can help maintain it for you. Our ponds are constructed with durable rubber liners and a layer of pebbles which allows beneficial bacteria to colonize and break down pond muck, and helps prevent UV breakdown. We provide Landscape Contracting and Design services in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County. Call us at 858-583-4105 for a consultation, or contact us online.