Pondless Waterfall Construction San Diego

September 28

Thinking of adding a waterfall to your yard or property? You should consider adding a pondless waterfall! Adding a pondless waterfall to your yard or property greatly enhances the scenery and ambiance of your setting, and unlike a Koi pond requires far less maintenance.

Where to begin with a Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfall construction begins with choosing the right location in your yard. Select a place that you and your family will be able to enjoy your new pondless waterfall. The perfect location is one in which you can view from inside your home as well as a backyard patio or deck. Many backyards have the advantage of a hillside slope facing the house. If this is the case, build your waterfall starting at the top of the slope. Having a waterfall running down a gentle slope will give the appearance of a more natural waterfall. At the bottom of the slope, the waterfall can transition into a stream. Depending on how large of a backyard you have, your stream can meander through the yard until it finally ends near your patio. Unlike a pond, a pondless waterfall only needs to run while you are enjoying it, for example while you’re out in the backyard using your BBQ island to prepare delicious food. It can be turned on or off using the remote control that we provide with your new water feature. This will save water and money while only using your water feature when needed. Also, this type of waterfall is completely safe around small children because the water is never deeper than two to three inches. Because there is no standing water in this type of waterfall, the algae growth will be greatly reduced. As you can see, there are many different ways that this style of a waterfall can be added to your property, the ideas are really endless. If you are interested getting a Pondless Waterfall or other Landscaping features like artificial turf in San Diego, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at  (858) 583-4105 or email info@pacificdreamscapes.com for expert waterfall construction San Diego residents can testify to. [metaslider id=10293]