A Winter Guide to Pondless Waterfall

December 1

Outdoor living space has emerged as one of the most popular home areas among San Diego, CA homeowners. However, added enjoyment for the whole family is not the only reason for this. Although people typically spend less time in the garden during wintertime, just by adding a well-planned pondless waterfall design, you can make the cooler temperatures perfect to boost creativity and reduce stress all year round. And with reputable pondless waterfall builders, you can have it all!  In previous articles, we explained what actually pondless waterfalls are and how they contribute to the overall value of your property. Now, we’ll discuss how to maintain them and keep your outdoor space spruced up when winter rolls in. 

Can I run my pondless waterfall in the winter?

Of course, you can. However, letting winter ruin the effort and budget put into the landscape you’ve cultivated in the corner of your garden is the last thing you need. In light of that, it’s not unusual that you should handle a pondless waterfall differently when temperatures dip. Luckily, there are a few basic steps to safeguard your pondless waterfall from constant exposure to elements:
  • Keep it clean: Monitor carefully the amount of debris, since it can build up quickly.
  • Keep it alive: In case you have plants around the waterfall, take the most vulnerable ones inside the house.
  • Keep it running: Check out the air pumps with the utmost care since these are the key elements to an ice-free waterfall.
  • Keep it in good shape: Make sure to properly maintain and regularly check your waterfall during winter, protecting it in cold weather.
Applying these easy-maintenance water-smart landscaping tips could help you learn how to keep top-quality and longevity of your outdoor installations throughout the entire winter season.

What do you do with a pondless waterfall in the winter?

The climate in San Diego is usually mild, which makes the winter water feature maintenance a breeze. Although there are two options to choose from, keep in mind the following steps:
  • Shutting the pondless waterfall down: In case you decide to shut it down, remember to unplug the pump first and make sure you clean the scale and debris left. Then, remove it from the water and disconnect the check valve. To avoid damage, drain the tube, store the pump in a frost-free area, and submerge it in a bucket of water. 
  • Keeping the waterfall running: Going above and beyond to keep the water installation running unarguably pays off. Not only you’ll get to enjoy the swirling patterns and ice formations, but the soothing sounds, too. To ensure the pump is working properly, adding water regularly is crucial. This will prevent ice dams from building up, which eventually could force water out of the stream. 

Who are San Diego’s top-rated pondless waterfall builders? What do you do with a pondless waterfall in the winter

You’re not sure how to maintain a water feature during the San Diego winter months? Or perhaps you don’t know how to set it up for the upcoming spring, so you’re searching for trusted specialists for your Coronado Beach home? No problems, you’ve come to the right place!  With so many different waterfall types, improper care can cause serious issues or even damage. Pacific Dreamscapes will advise you on proper waterfall maintenance. We can also handle any of your landscaping needs, whether it’s the unique patio design you’re dreaming about or paving. Reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to give you a thorough walkthrough of the services we offer!