Pykles Waterfall Project in La Mesa

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This Pondless Waterfall project was built in La Mesa, San Diego CA in May of 2010. The project consisted of removing unwanted plants from the landscape and building a retaining wall to allow the pondless waterfall to lay against. For this water feature project we used Aquascape products consisting of waterfall vault and spillway. First we installed a 45 mil rubber liner for the waterfall and stream. At the top of the waterfall is an Aquascape spillway which allows the water to begin its decent in a controlled flow. The spillway can accommodate flow rates of up to 7,500 GPH for waterfalls and streams. At the end of the stream is a basin which is typically 3′ X 6′ for smaller water features like this one. The basin is 2′ deep and is the starting point for the waterfall. In the basin sits the vault unit, which allows for the pump to sit. The basin vault has a cover which is then camouflaged with ornamental pebbles and rock. The waterfall pump inside is attached to the 2″ PVC plumbing pipe which continues alongside the waterfall and connects to the spillway at top. For this project we used an Aquasurge 4000 GPH pump which is an extremely high efficiency pump. To complete the pondless waterfall we installed LED lighting and transformer. Ornamental pebbles were used to cover the rubber liner. For the main landscape boulders on this water feature we used Baja La Cresta Red. This landscape boulder has beautiful earth tones and enhances the surrounding landscape. To complete the pondless waterfall project we planted aquatic grasses and reeds into the stream to give it a more natural look. This water feature is located in the front yard of the customer’s residence and can be viewed at 8921 Mosian Way, La Mesa CA 91941. Please do not disturb the residents.