San Diego Landscape Design Ideas

May 6

One of the wonderful things about living in America’s Finest City is the plethora of San Diego Landscape Design Ideas. San Diego County offers nearly every climate style from the winter snow to the summer desert heat. Finding the right Landscape Design Idea for your yard can take time and some thought. Here are a few styles.

San Diego Landscape Design Ideas for Desert / Low Water Use

  [metaslider id=10425] Low Water Use or Xeriscapes makes sense in an arid climate like ours. Using plants that have low water needs and high sun tolerance saves you on your irrigation expenses, and it is good for the environment. And there are many drought-tolerant plants to choose from. Local xersicapes focus on native plants and those from the handful of places on earth with a climate similar to ours: the US Southwest, Mexico, Chile, the Mediterranean, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Of course, thirsty species imported from the East Coast, Europe and Asia can thrive here with the right irrigation system, but why waste precious water during droughts? With the right xeriscaping, almost any garden style and theme can be created in our area. You are not just confined to a desert look. There are so many drought-tolerant species available that can be used to create exquisite landscapes. Others have been adapted to our climate. Choosing low-water plants goes hand in hand with adjustments to irrigation systems. We can design, retrofit and install the latest in drip irrigation, and zoned and automated sprinklers. We can even remove irrigation equipment altogether, if you wish. Of course, xersicaping does not need to be an all-or-nothing project. We can create sections of green with sod installation or water gardens, and divide the property into zones with custom walls or borders. Our irrigation design can deliver adequate hydration to thirstier plants and sodded areas, while conserving it in places with drought-friendly plantings.

San Diego Landscape Design Ideas featuring Waterfalls and Ponds

  [metaslider id=10403] Backyard waterfalls transform your yard into a peaceful haven with their cascading rush and soothing sounds. Whether you want a lavish falls with a large pond or a compact pondless waterfall, call our company for an on-site consultation. The best garden waterfalls look like a seamless part of the landscape. With every project that we undertake, we strive to replicate Mother Nature. In fact, we take our inspiration from the area’s own water features such as Mission Trails Park in Santee, where there are some pretty amazing falls along the stream in Oak Canyon. If you don’t have the yard space or budget for a pond waterfall, or if you have safety concerns, pondless waterfalls are a great alternative. The basin is dug deeper than a conventional pond, and the pump and filter are hidden at the bottom under gravel. These water features offer the sight and sounds of a falls without the pond maintenance. For more San Diego Landscape Design Ideas or for an on-site consultation on a Landscape Design  in San Diego county, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at 858-583-4105 or email