San Diego Pond Builders

April 13

[metaslider id=10375] Building backyard ponds is a job for experienced San Diego Pond Builders. San Diego Ponds generally include aquatic plants and live fish, so there can be a delicate ecosystem. These ecosystems need maintenance regularly. As San Diego Pond Builders in business since 1998, Pacific Dreamscapes can help transform open or unused space in your yard into a tranquil pond of soothing elegance.

Why You Need Professional San Diego Pond Builders

The owner of our pond installation team has studied filtration and aquatic ecology for years. We incorporate this scientific knowledge into our landscape water features. And we can also provide pond maintenance to keep your water crystal clear and fish healthy and robust. There’s more to creating backyard ponds than digging a hole, putting down a rubber liner, adding water and plugging in a pump. Proper filtration is essential. Without it, garden ponds begin to grow algae, which cut off oxygen needed for healthy koi and other fish. The fish then die off, and that is when most of these ponds are abandoned. Our ponds have Aquascape filters. Instead of having a huge, loud pump 20 feet away from the pond, or right below the water in clear sight, this company has developed a skimmer that is built along the outside perimeter. The pump is seated at the bottom of the skimmer so that it sucks water from the pond through the skimmer opening, through a filter basin and into the pump, which then pushes the water up to the pond waterfall. Typical pond filters sift out small debris, but it only takes a couple of old leaves to clog the system. The line has to be cleaned every few days, or the water line is blocked. Going bigger and more complex isn’t always the answer, either. It is an energy zapper and results in a tangle of tubing, return lines and wires that take away from the natural beauty you seek. Our San Diego Pond Builders will custom design water features such as pond waterfalls and fountains that blend into your yard as if nature itself created it. Every water feature we build is unique. We place each boulder and rock with the idea that it should look natural, and not man made. If you have a need for a San Diego Pond Builder for your home or business location, Contact us for an on-site appointment: or 858-583-4105