San Diego Backyard & Garden Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are changing every year, and our experts always stay ahead of the curve. Whether you need landscape irrigation services on a large turf area or just with small shrubbery anywhere in San Diego County, let our professionals handle the job. Our team is highly trained and fully licensed, and we use only top-of-the-line products such as Rain Bird, Toro and Hunter in landscape irrigation installations.

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Not too long ago, using a hose or sprinkler was about the only way to get water onto your landscaping. And we certainly can install or repair any sprinkler systems. Sprinklers remain the most popular choice in home irrigation systems, and they are very cost-effective. But did you know that studies have shown only about 65-75 percent of the water you spray with sprinklers or hoses makes it to your lawn and plants? Evaporation from the sun and wind is the main culprit, plus you could be missing spots. No state in the union has more water shortages than California, so wasting it is simply not a wise idea. Let us show you what a drip irrigation system can do for your landscape. This method minimizes the use of water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants. These drip systems are the most effective at distributing water, with efficiency rates over 90 percent. That’s why they are very popular in dry regions with scarce water resources like ours.

Drip Irrigation Systems for Your Backyard

Drip systems are just that: they apply the water simply by dripping it slowly down into the soil through a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters. The water soaks into the soil before it can evaporate or run off, as there’s no build-up on the surface. In addition, the water goes only where it’s supposed to go, rather than spraying all over the place. And your plants undergo less stress from variations in soil moisture. Drip irrigation systems can be controlled manually or with an automatic timer. They also can send fertilizer directly to the roots. You have probably seen this type of system in a commercial nursery, but homeowners are more frequently taking advantage of all its benefits. Water shortages are a critical problem throughout California and San Diego County. Choosing our irrigation systems professionals for your landscape hydration needs will ensure that you have the right set-up for our climate. That means one that will keep your plant designs healthy and green while being mindful of conservation. No more wasting water with sprinklers and no more brown lawns or dying plants. Call us today at 858-583-4105 for an initial residential or commercial consultation. We install and repair irrigation systems in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County.