Outdoor Lighting in San Diego Lanscaping Design

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Outdoor lighting can be nearly as important to the overall look and feel of your home as the landscaping itself. So you shouldn’t short-change yourself by skimping on quality lighting products. We are a full-service landscape and waterscape contracting service that can solve all of your residential and commercial lighting needs anywhere in San Diego County.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lights for Walkways & Patio

Low voltage lighting is a very economical but aesthetically pleasing way to illuminate walkway entrances, outline driveways, decorate patios, and adorn water features. Your home will have a welcoming glow when the sun goes down. Low voltage outdoor lighting has become a popular addition to softscapes in recent years because it helps with energy costs (the voltage output is similar to a child’s toy); it is fairly inexpensive and makes your home more attractive. Outdoor lighting using low voltage bulbs, which are smaller and more environmentally friendly than typical bulbs, have a larger cross-sectional area. This creates a dot-shaped point of light – the light goes only where you want it to go and not into your bedroom window or the neighbor’s yard. That makes these bulbs ideal as display and accent lighting. Low-voltage landscape lighting bulbs are small and unobtrusive.And there are various degrees of dimness at which you can set the lighting. These systems also are shockless and totally safe around children and pets. They are designed for external and moist environments, and operate safely when wet. We have low voltage outdoor lighting systems available in both cable-powered and solar-powered packages, with the latter being a little more costly. If you do choose cable-powered, you probably won’t even notice the outdoor light fixtures are there with the wide variety of colors and styles available. The cable will be shallowly buried and fixtures well-concealed.

Outdoor Solar Lights for your Frontyard & Backayrd

We also can offer pure solar-powered outdoor lighting, which is a good choice when a regular source of electricity is unavailable or difficult to access. There are no wires needed, although the lights need to be in an area of the yard where they will get the required amounts of sunshine each day. People often work long hours and don’t get home until it’s dark outside. And what about all those outdoor dinner or cocktail parties that take place at dusk? Don’t you want to be able to show off your beautiful landscaping or water features at night? The right outdoor lighting can bring your yard to life at night, not to mention help your guests see where they’re going.

Outdoor Lighting for Waterfalls and Fountains

We offer various types of underwater outdoor lighting for your pool, pond, waterfalls, water gardens and fountains. This can be installed with multiple settings, so the “mood” of your lighting can change depending on the event — like a soft, romantic setting, or multiple colors for festive events. There is nothing more relaxing or serene than sitting in your backyard on a starry night, your surroundings illuminated by the perfect lighting. We will provide an initial consultation at your home or business to go over all of your softscape needs and offer you a tailored quote. We install outdoor lighting in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County. Give us a call today at 858-583-4105 for your perfect design.