Waterfall Builders

May 17

Before you build a Waterfall Design you need to ask yourself several important questions first for your Waterfall Builders: What is your budget? How much can you spend on the entire project? You could spend $3,000 on a Custom Waterfall and find out you still want to spend over $1,000 for accent plants and extra features like a deck, a gazebo, custom stone walkways, exotic fish or landscape lighting for your pond, waterfall or backyard landscaped lawn. Other possible extras are a biological filter, auto-fill for pond, skimmer, back-flushable bio-filter, and more.

Some questions you need to ask yourself, before your Waterfall Builder comes: How much entertaining will you do? Will you need a deck? If so, how big? You might consider placing a pond next to an existing deck. Many people do just the opposite, they build a pond and then construct a deck beside it. In this case, you can take advantage of an existing deck and construct an open stairway (stair bridge) to span the pond. You must ask your Waterfall Designer: How big do I want my waterfall? If you have an unlimited budget and a very large property, then the size of you waterfall is not important, but just a preference! Your main concern about size should be space, not cost. How much of your backyard do want to have devoted to your Waterfall Design? No mater the size of your property – big or small – a water feature can always be added. After your waterfall builder completes the waterfall, Will you have enough room for a table and chairs? Other ideas to consider may be: Do you want a spa? Or a fire pit or barbecue? Enough lawn for games? Where do you spend most of your outdoor leisure time? A waterfall must incorporate all of these ideas as it is usually a central focus of your lawn and backyard.

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When you design a waterfall, you must consider when you are not outdoors. Do you want to see or hear the waterfall from indoors? Consider adding an exterior patio or French doors to your house to access your water feature area. Do you wish to have fish and other aquatic creatures? Long term, a properly maintained nitrogen cycle costs less than maintaining a pond that uses chlorine and other chemicals. Fish, plants and proper bacteria are needed for healthy pond and nitrogen cycle. Once properly established, a healthy fish pond is virtually maintenance free. There are so many questions that arise in the course of a Waterfall Design Project. A professional Waterfall Builder will know what to contemplate prior to construction and help you get your perfect Waterfall Design. To contact a professional Waterfall Builder, or schedule an on-site consultation concerning a Waterfall Design in San Diego County, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at 858-583-4105 or email estimates@pacficdreamscapes.com