7 Different Types of Flagstone

June 30

There are many different types of flagstone and most of them are an extremely popular choice with homeowners who are looking to add a bit of old-school charm to their home. However, different flagstone varieties have their own characteristics and can work better in some situations than others. With the dependable companies in Rancho Penasquitos, you can certainly find reliable landscape contractors who will be able to tell you exactly what to use in which circumstances and how. Anyway, if you’d like to learn more about the available flagstone types and their features, keep reading.

What are the different types of flagstone available?

Flagstones are actually smaller pieces of rocks, so we can divide them according to the type of rock that masons split to get the small pieces. Have a look at the 7 most popular rocks for making flagstone.


Being a very soft rock, slate is the most common among flagstones. Its softness makes the chiseling process quite easy. However, it comes in limited colors which include copper, green, silver‐gray, and gray. People often use it for wall cladding, but it’s also very convenient for artists since it’s easy to shape.


Sandstone is similar to slate in softness, but it comes in beautiful colors which makes it a bit more popular. The available shades are beige, red, pink, and golden. One of its most important characteristics is its excellent weather resistance thanks to which it is suitable for a large variety of purposes.


Just like sandstone, limestone is also weather resistant yet still easy to shape, and it’s great for both outdoor and indoor features of your home. It comes in many colors, the most common ones being beige, black, yellow, and gray.


Basalt belongs to volcanic rocks and therefore has a very light texture. This makes it easy to shape and suitable for a variety of purposes. You can find this stone in beige, gray, and black nuances. One of the most important characteristics of basalt rock is that it absorbs sound really well.


This is an amazing type of rock which is famous for its thin texture, smooth surface, and glossy finish. Quartzite comes in shades of silver, gold, green, blue, and many more. While it’s suitable for a lot of purposes, you can mainly find it in walkways and patios. Important advantages of patios with this kind of stone are that they resist stains and they’re non‐slippery.


Travertine belongs to more compact rocks and therefore is a bit less easy to shape. It naturally comes in different nuances of brown, but it’s also available in gray and blue. Since it’s a very durable stone, it’s mostly common in outdoor features.


This is another hard stone which is very useful for paving. Its texture is rough and non‐slippery and it’s available in blue, purple, and gray nuances. However, salt and chlorine easily affect this type of rock, so it’s necessary to coat it for durability, especially if you live in a coastal area.

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