6 Backyard Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

July 26

As with all major home improvement projects, if you want to upgrade your household in San Diego by updating your landscaping with a new backyard design, careful planning is necessary to ensure optimal results and get your full money’s worth. Rushing through this first stage of your project can undermine all your efforts, creating a misshaped outdoor space that doesn’t make anyone feel comfortable. To save you from trouble, we’ve compiled the 6 most common mistakes people make while working on their yard design and how to avoid them. Keep reading to find out more!

What are common backyard design mistakes?

Creating an ideal backyard retreat is an ambitious mission, as you should consider so many factors. You need to think about a suitable layout, appropriate amenities, adequate lighting, etc.  Below is a list of the 6 most frequent oversights homeowners make while devising a backyard of their dreams. Check them out:

1. Improvising instead of developing a well-thought-out plan

People sometimes think that they can make different parts of their backyard as they go without prior planning. This can sometimes work out, but in most cases, it leads to a dreadful disaster.  Many factors should be taken into account, including the type of space available, its intended purpose, and the preferences and needs of the people who will spend their time there. So take your time to put everything on paper, as this will help you envision all the project stages. You’ll have all amenities and other features in mind and be aware of all possible expenses.

2. Lack of site and climate conditions awareness 

Climate and site conditions should play a central role in your backyard layout. For instance, if it often rains, you need to consider a weather-resistant cover. Also, you should analyze the sun’s path when placing different structures or planting trees. Neglecting it can lead to excessive sun exposure and the absence of desirable shade.  Finally, you should pick plants that suit your climate and can thrive there, so consider factors like water availability, soil type, and sunlight.

3. Populating your backyard with so many details

A small backyard can look cluttered if overcrowded with too many elements or features. To achieve an attractive and comfortable environment, strike a proper balance between its open space and functionality. In other words, don’t install many amenities if this means you won’t be able to move around freely. Or if a fountain won’t come to the fore because it’s overshadowed by an enormous tree, why place it in the first place?

4. Inappropriate proportion of backyard elements

If you pick elements that aren’t proportionate with the yard’s size, your space will look unbalanced. For instance, your oasis will be visually disproportional if you install a massive patio in a tiny backyard. That’s why you should consider each element’s scale and how it fits into the big picture.

5. Not installing a focal point

If your backyard lacks a focal point, it may look dull and monotonous. But if you place a visually appealing water feature, a sculpture, or a fire pit, your backyard can get a new dimension. This will provide your outdoor space with a real sense of purpose and accentuate its unique style.

6. Not defining functional zones

If your backyard lacks separate areas with clearly designed purposes, this can diminish your outdoor space’s beauty, as it’ll lack usability. Ask yourself how you want to use your space. Do you want to cook and dine there? Is gardening one of your favorite hobbies?  Once you clearly outline the exact purpose of your space, chunk it into separate zones with essential features corresponding to their use.

What are common backyard design mistakesWhere in San Diego can I hire experts in backyard design?

Bringing life back into your backyard is a serious task that requires a high level of expertise. For this very reason, it’s recommended to leave it to dependable professionals. But, if you’re unsure where to find them, Pacific Dreamscapes is the company you’re looking for. With many years of experience, our hardscaping experts will help you materialize your desires and obtain a perfectly balanced backyard in Little Italy or elsewhere in San Diego that will match your household needs. We’ll carefully listen to your ideas and provide solutions that won’t leave you indifferent. Call us today!