Landscaping Tips: 6 Ways to Make a Small Backyard Look Big

December 17

It’s an unfortunate fact that many American homeowners fail to make good use of their outdoor areas because they think their backyards simply aren’t spacious enough to accommodate all the great landscaping features such as patios, gardens, and water fountains. But what if we told you that a good San Diego backyard design can make even a tiny yard look and feel spacious? It’s very much possible, and we’re about to show you how! Read on to learn about the top 6 things successful landscapers do to make small backyards appear large.

What can you do with a small backyard?

Before we begin, you need to banish any notions you might have that keeping your small yard open and loosely planned will make it seem bigger. The truth is that defining backyard spaces and keeping things organized is what actually creates the impression that the area is much roomier than it really is. Here are 6 tried-and-true ways to “enlarge” a small yard:

1. Turn your yard into a destination

A great feature such as a fire pit, a fountain, or a comfy reading nook can transform even a tiny backyard into a lovely spot that’s well-worth visiting. Another option is to turn it into an area for family barbecues by adding a grill and a patio set.

2. Vertical gardening is the way to go

Planting a lot of flowers and shrubs will quickly fill up a small backyard. A better alternative is to garden vertically by adding wall-mounted flower pots, hanging baskets, and stacked greenery crates. This approach will both save up space and give your garden some much-needed color.

3. Don’t neglect the side yard

Don’t make the mistake of treating your side yard like a storage space or simply ignoring it. Rather, incorporate it into your landscaping plan by adding a nice little coffee table and chairs for some afternoon relaxation, or using it to plant a vibrant herb garden.

4. Add a pergola or an arbor

These backyard structures are more than just a way to keep the sun at bay. Their height creates an illusion of extra space and enables you to hang a swing for your kids, “frame” a particular view, or create an excellent place for a climbing garden.

5. You can plant trees as well

Adding large plants in a small yard may seem like a bad idea, but it’s actually possible to have lush landscaping that doesn’t take up all of the available space. The trick is to pick tall and thin trees such as columnar evergreens, as these will grow up rather than out.

6. Ask yourself: do I really need a fence?

A privacy fence may seem like a necessity if you have neighbors close by, but it really isn’t. If there are trees and plantings outside your property line, you’ll be able to visually “incorporate” them into your property by omitting to put up a fence.

Where can I get a modern San Diego backyard design?

What can you do with a small backyard? Are you looking to turn your small garden into a cozy retreat for your friends and loved ones, but you’re not sure how to go about doing that? Or perhaps you want to improve the curb appeal of your house in Tierrasanta by updating the landscaping in your front yard? Whatever your landscaping needs may be, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pacific Dreamscapes. As the leading provider of landscaping services in San Diego, we’re superbly equipped to turn any outdoor area into a gorgeous haven that perfectly fits your needs and boosts the value of your property. Call us today.