Key Details of Artificial Grass Base

July 20

Had no idea that artificial grass actually needs a suitable base? Thought that all you needed to do in order to stop your artificial grass from going flat was to choose quality artificial turf and select how long the grass blades should be? Enter artificial grass base – an equally important contributing factor to the longevity of your artificial turf. If you’re looking for a company to perform artificial turf installation in San Diego, CA for you, make sure you inquire about the base as well.

What kind of base do you use for artificial grass?

Having an adequate base in place for your artificial turf is a vital part of proper installation. Good base stops your artificial grass from shifting, from developing bumps or indentations, and it makes it last longer.  There are three main categories of base for your artificial turf:
  1. CMB – Crushed miscellaneous base contains recycled asphalt or concrete, as well as a ¾” mixture of sand and gravel to fine sand. 
  2. Class II road base – This is a version of CMB that is more expensive because it undergoes rigorous testing procedures in order to assure maximum consistency and durability. However, you probably don’t need this kind of base for your backyard. 
  3. DG – Decomposed granite is produced through the process of weathering granite until it breaks into small pieces. Also, this kind of base features a mix of sand, clay, and gravel.
The most commonly used base is CMB, as it is stable, affordable, and easy to apply. It is enough for most people, as it provides adequate support for your artificial grass. However, it is always the best course of action to consult a professional artificial turf installation company before deciding on a base.

How much sub base do I need for artificial grass?

Determining the amount, or the depth, of the sub-base your yard is going to require prior to covering it with artificial turf is a matter best left to professional artificial grass installers. However, it is normal to inquire about the general amount of base necessary. Now, it is good to first make clear that every surface is different. Depending on the current state of the area you’re planning to cover with astroturf, the amount of sub-base required to make it suitable for artificial grass can vary. how much sub base do I need for artificial grass But, a general rule of thumb is this:
  • Domestic use requires a minimum of 2”, or 50mm of sub-base. No matter the kind of soil you’ve got in your yard, this should be more than enough for all your artificial grass needs.
  • However, public and commercial areas receive a lot more traffic than your backyard does, so a sub-base of 3” to 4”, or 75 to 100 milimmeters, is absolutely necessary for such occasions.

Can you lay artificial grass directly on soil?

  No, it is entirely not advisable to lay artificial turf directly on soil, especially if there was previously a real lawn in that area. The base for your artificial grass has to be solid, firm, and stable enough to be considered adequate.  And, most of the time, the earth is just not dense and unyielding enough for it to be a suitable sub-base for an artificial lawn. Unfortunately, as much as it would be practical to simply cover the soil with a fresh coat of artificial turf, it’s  simply a bad idea, and no artificial turf installation company would do that. On the other hand, if you’re planning on installing artificial grass on paving, decking, or concrete, chances are you’re not going to need to change the base. Sure, a weed membrane or a foam shock pad underlay might be a good option, but that’s best left to the pros to decide.

Who are the leading artificial turf installation experts in San Diego, CA?

Some matters are best left to seasoned professionals, and applying a base and installing artificial grass over it is one of those matters. That is why you should spend some time looking for experienced artificial turf installation veterans to help you out. But, no need to look for long, as Pacific Dreamscapes is here for all your landscaping needs. We’ve been doing what we do for more than 20 years, and we’ve been doing it well just as long. So, if you want your yard to resemble the popular Ellen Browning Scripps Park as much as possible, call us today and let’s see about making it happen. We’re sure we can fulfill your dreams!