Wood Patio Covers – Making Your San Diego Patio A Beautiful Place

August 16

Besides mowing the grass and some light landscaping, when is the last time you spent some time making the outside of your home look better and more functional? If you’re like most homeowners in San Diego County, most of your beautification efforts are aimed at improving the inside – or mowing the lawn! Let’s concentrate on making the outside better by simply improving your patio, after all, fall is right around the corner, and the autumn weather in Southern California just begs outdoor dinners. Carlsbad Patio Covers Most homeowners would get a lot more use out of the patio area by simply adding a patio cover. And if you want one that looks great, and will increase your home’s overall value, then wood patio covers are definitely the way to go. Wood simply looks elegant and romantic, while providing many functional benefits as well. A wood patio cover allows you to do some things you wouldn’t normally do. You can sit outside in the shade it provides on hot summer days – and San Diego knows how summer days. You can stay dry while enjoying a warm summer rain or a cool evening shower. The cover will protect you from these elements while, as we stated, increasing the value of your property. San Diego Patio Covers If all this sounds good to you, then you simply need to decide on what kind of patio cover to get. We think that although there are many choices, wood is best because it provides flexibility. You can create a cover that is unique. Wood, when treated, will hold up well in all the elements. And, of course, wood will always look good. We would start your project by choosing a wood that will compliment your the look of your home. If you want to paint it, pinewood is a good choice because it keeps paint nicely. The problem with pinewood is that it is not available with an anti-rotting agent. Other hardwoods however do, including cedar, redwood and cyprus. If you want to stain the wood, get a long grained wood. This will give you a continuous design that will not be hindered by knots in the wood. And don’t forget to get a little creative with this. Yes, it may be a little more expensive, but you’ll definitely want to add designs and decorative accents. Your wood patio cover will look better, and it will add more value also. By decorative accents we mean thinks like arbors and lattice. These are intricate, ornate, and just look great. Combine them to give your patio a unique appearance. La Jolla Patio Covers When you begin your project, you may be tempted to buy into one of those pre-made patio kits. Know up front that most are made with artificial wood. They are not durable and in fact, in many cases, you’ll need to add real wood for support. Why not do it right and use real wood for the whole thing? Just remember that if you want to get a great cover for your patio, a solid wood patio cover cannot be beat. If you are interested in introducing an outdoor patio or wood patio covers, contact Pacific Dreamscapes at  (858) 583-4105 or email us at info@pacificdreamscapes.com to schedule an on-site consultation.