6 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

February 22

Whether you’re updating an existing outdoor kitchen or starting an extensive home improvement project from scratch, the last thing you want to is to discover you’ve forgotten to add crucial features after the landscapers have already completed the job. In an effort to help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen that you and your loved ones will be happy to use for many years to come, we have prepared a list of 6 additions all outdoor kitchens in San Diego can benefit from. Read on to learn more.

What does every outdoor kitchen need?

Even if you can’t fit many of the following features into your present budget, you should still include running any electrical, plumbing, and drains these items will need in your landscaping design process. This way, you can easily add these devices at a later date. Here are the top 6 features every outdoor kitchen should have:

1. Fridge

This may seem like an obvious addition, but it still bears mentioning. There’s nothing better than always having cold beverages within easy reach and being able to keep salads cool while grilling meat without having to constantly walk to the indoor kitchen.

2. Pizza oven

Want to make a pizza that tastes truly authentic, while also adding a memorable feature to your outdoor kitchen? In addition to coming in both portable and built-in variants, pizza ovens can actually be used to bake bread, roast meats, girl seafood, or cook calzones as well.

3. Smoker

Did you know that, apart from adding delicious flavors to meats, smokers can also be used to smoke other foods such as cheeses, nuts, olives, scallops, and many other fruits and vegetables? When used well, a smoker can really transform your cooking, so why not make one a part of your outdoor kitchen?

4. Bar

Having a full bar as a part of your outdoor kitchen area is a superb addition both aesthetically and practically, especially if you enjoy mixing cocktails and organizing outdoor parties. For extra convenience, add an inbuilt bottle opener equipped with a bottle cap catcher.

5. Double-sided grill

A two-sided grill is a great way to take your outdoor cooking to the next level because it enables you to have both a charcoal and a gas grill at the same time, without having to actually buy two grills. This way, grilling enthusiasts can have the best of both worlds! Also, one side can be used to grill meat, while the other can be used to grill vegetables, bread, and other non-meat foods. This is especially useful if you or someone in your family is a vegetarian or a vegan, as it allows you to prepare both types of food simultaneously.

6. Ice maker

An ice maker is an excellent choice if you entertain guests often or if you simply don’t want anything to get in the way of enjoying your favorite beverages. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, ice makers don’t have to be expensive. Not only are budget-friendly versions readily available, they come in many different designs so they can fit any outdoor kitchen design.

Who builds high quality outdoor kitchens in San Diego?6 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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