6 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

February 22

Outdoor cooking has long been a beloved family practice throughout the Mediterranean. These days, this style of cooking is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, too, to the point where getting an outdoor kitchen in San Diego is one of the most valuable landscaping additions you can make to your backyard. But why is this so? What exactly is an outdoor kitchen, and why are these types of kitchens so popular among homeowners? We feel the best way to answer these questions is by providing you with the list of 6 major benefits quality outdoor kitchens provide. Read on to learn more!

Is an outdoor kitchen worth it?

And how! Creating an outdoor living area is one of the best ways to use a backyard space. An outdoor kitchen is a key part of that because it provides both unparalleled convenience and an appearance that’s simultaneously modern and relaxing. Here are the top 6 reasons to make an outdoor kitchen at your property:

1. Boosts property value

Outdoor kitchens are a highly sought-after home improvement feature, to the point where houses that have them sell for almost 30% more than expected. In fact, most outdoor kitchens tend to return 100-200% of their build cost.

2. It keeps everyone together

Americans of all ages greatly enjoy outdoor living regardless of whether it’s a family lunch or a large backyard party. An outdoor kitchen is extremely useful in this regard because it allows everybody to stay together and even make the cooking itself a part of the gathering. Furthermore, an outdoor kitchen makes cooking more fun for the chef, because they don’t have to stay inside the house while everyone else is having a great time in the backyard.

3. It makes cooking easier

Outdoor cooking makes it infinitely easier for multiple people to help with preparing food, cleaning up, mixing drinks, and so on. By adding a fridge, wine cooler, or ice machine to the outdoor kitchen, the guests will be able to “serve” themselves without constantly interrupting the chef.

4. It saves you money

The problem with indoor cooking during summer is that it essentially heats up your house. This causes your air conditioning to work harder to keep the temperatures down, which in turn increases your energy bills and needlessly strains your AC unit.

5. Strong odors are no longer an issue

Outdoor cooking makes preparing strong-smelling foods easier because there’s no risk that the smells will permeate the rest of your house. This is especially useful when preparing extremely spicy meals that would otherwise make your eyes water. What’s more, spilled foods and drinks can simply be hosed down, or even ignored completely if they fell on the grass.

6. It’s safer

If there’s ever a fire in your outdoor kitchen, the risk of it spreading to other parts of your home is significantly reduced due to the position of the kitchen and the fact you can use your garden hose to quickly put fires out. Also, quality outdoor kitchens have all the features that a regular kitchen does. This makes them inherently safer than other forms of outdoor cooking.

Who should I call if I want to build a modern outdoor kitchen in San Diego?Is an outdoor kitchen worth it

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