7 Retaining Wall Ideas That Will Elevate Your Landscaping

September 30

While the common purpose of this landscaping feature is to hold back soil and increase the usable space of your backyard, skilled retaining wall contractors in San Diego, CA build them to serve as aesthetic features as well. You can mix and match different designs, and even make them the focal point of your yard. Since so many different options can make you feel at sea, we have compiled a list of the most attractive ideas to make your landscape stand out. Take a look at these 7 top designs and pick the one that fits your yard’s style.

How can I make my retaining wall look nice?

  Expand your outdoor space and amp up its curb appeal with one of these amazing ideas, or use them as a starting point for your own custom design. Feel free to explore different possibilities or contact a dependable landscaping company for advice.   

Tiered wall

Tiered walls create different flat ground levels by cutting into a slope or hill, creating a pattern similar to stairs. Fill them with shrubs and plants, and you’ll add dimension to your gorgeous landscape.

Planter wall

The planter wall is low, built specifically to create a garden bed. Once the wall is up, you can plant greenery and flowers of your choice and refine the look of your yard designing a unique garden.

Vertical garden 

Build shelves or planters into your wall or simply hang containers once the wall is complete, and you’ll have a lovely vertical garden. You can even plant vegetables and turn a simple feature into your own fresh produce farm. 

Natural stone

Stacking natural stones to build a supporting structure in your yard gives you a plethora of design options since they’re available in all kinds of shapes, colors, and materials. Natural stone is suitable for different types of retaining walls, and sedimentary rocks such as limestone or bluestone are extremely popular because they give a sleek look to the feature. 

Wall seating

Incorporate seating into your design, and you’ll have a multifunctional feature that allows you to make the best of your available space. A concrete wall with a built-in bench goes beyond beauty, but you can mix and explore other materials and ideas of your own. 

All black

Opting for an all-black wall renders a modern look to your landscape. While it recedes into the background, it still looks striking. The sleek hue can work wonders for your back or front yard and easily fit in with any existing features and style.

Lights on

Adding lights to your wall will have a fantastic effect on the entire landscape. The lights add ambiance but also function as safety mechanisms. It’s easier to incorporate them during wall installation than to add them later on, so make sure you let your contractor know on time.

Who are the leading retaining wall contractors in San Diego, CA, and the area?

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