What Are Retaining Walls & Why Do You Need One

September 10

While they may not be a conspicuous landscaping feature, retaining walls are quite common because they’re both practical and easily adaptable to fit perfectly into your landscape. It can be a truly valuable addition to your backyard, especially if you explore different designs.   Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your property, a retaining wall may be just what you need, and a reliable landscaping company in San Diego, CA can help you choose the right design. If you’d like to find out more about this landscaping feature, read on. 

What makes a wall a retaining wall?

This specific type of wall serves as a supporting structure for a sloping terrain. When a slope between two levels of ground is too steep, the wall ensures that soil stays in place which helps the area remain safe and usable. When it comes to the material, the most common option is concrete since it’s cost‐efficient, practical, and easy to customize. 

How long do retaining walls last?

The lifespan of these walls is not short, but it depends on different factors such as design, drainage, climate, the amount of maintenance, and most importantly, the material. Those made of concrete last from 50 to 100 years, stone constructions span from 40 to 100, while the brick walls have the longest lifespan of more than 100 years. They generally require low maintenance, but making sure you don’t skip it will help increase their durability. If you go for concrete, there’s almost no maintenance at all.

Is a retaining wall a good investment?

Investing in this type of landscaping feature certainly is worthwhile. These are the top 4 reasons to do it:


Safety is the main purpose of this type of  wall. It keeps the soil in position and prevents collapses, run‐off, and landslides which can be dangerous, especially if you have small children. This way, your yard becomes a safer place and you can relax and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. 

More space

Sloping terrain is usually more difficult to maintain, but it also limits outdoor activities. However, building a wall to support it will help you regain space and allow more options such as ground leveling for more outdoor games, creating more area for kids to play, or even installing a pool or an outdoor spa. 

Aesthetic appeal

Landscaping does set the tone for the entire home, and if you want to make your backyard unique, adding this wall can make the difference. In fact, many ancient civilizations used this type of structure to create usable land which often resulted in amazing gardens. Why not have your own terraced flower beds and make your yard really stand out with the help of an attractively designed supporting wall.

Increased property value

If you’re planning to sell your home, having this type of functional yet beautiful landscaping feature in your front or backyard will both attract prospective buyers and add value to your property. It can add up to 10% to the value of your home, with an average return ranging from 100% to 200%. 

How long do retaining walls lastWhere can I find a reputable contractor that can build a quality retaining wall in San Diego, CA?

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