Everything You Need to Know About Pondless Waterfalls

September 14

Pondless waterfalls are one of the most popular water features in America. They provide natural and soothing sounds, they don’t require complex maintenance, and they’re a great place for supervised children and pets to hang out. Having a pondless waterfall installed in your backyard will not only help you relax, it’ll also take less space than a traditional pond and increase the value of your property. Of course, before you start looking for a San Diego contractor that provides waterfall construction services, you should take a moment to learn more about pondless waterfalls. For example, how do these waterfalls work? Are disappearing waterfalls different from pondless waterfalls? Should you install the waterfall yourself or let the pros do it? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions.

How does a pondless waterfall work?

Also known as disappearing waterfalls, pondless waterfalls are water features that include a stream and a waterfall but no pond. The water circulates from an in-ground reservoir up to the top of the water feature, and then flows back down over the streams and waterfalls. In addition to having a uniquely natural look, pondless waterfalls need minimal maintenance. The water simply keeps recirculating through the system, creating a gorgeous, natural-looking waterfall that’s connected by little streams. Here’s how disappearing waterfalls work:
  • Waterfall spillway is where the waterfall begins. The job of the spillway is to supply a steady flow of water. The spillways are usually hidden with rocks and plants.
  • In-ground pipes and plumbing provide the pathways for the water to move from the pump vault up to the spillway. Like the other in-ground components, they are completely hidden from sight so as to not take away from the natural appearance of your pondless waterfall.
  • Pump vault contains the pondless waterfall’s check-valve and pump assembly. Its job is to shield these crucial components from the elements and prevent clogging. Despite being concealed underground, pump vaults are designed to be easy to access at all times.
  • Gravel and rock in your pondless waterfall are what enables the water to “disappear”. The water passes through the rocks and the gravel and goes into the hidden in-ground reservoir in a way that looks completely natural.
  • The pump is what keeps the water flowing through the circulation system of your pondless waterfall. Furthermore, a running pump supports beneficial bacteria and increases the oxygen levels in the water.
  • Liner and underlayment are there to prevent the water from leaking or spilling out. For best results, use a tear-resistant liner that won’t get damaged by rocks or other sharp objects.
  • Water storage blocks (also known as matrix blocks) are where the water goes after it seeps through the rocks and gravel. They’re located underground and out of sight, and as such are what creates the illusion of the water “disappearing”.

Where in San Diego can I find a dependable waterfall construction contractor?

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