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San Diego Xeriscapes

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Marvelous Xeriscaping San Diego Homeowners Love

Here at Pacific Dreamscapes, we believe that the visual appeal of the space surrounding your home is as important as the appearance of the house itself. Owing to the expertise and experience our designers and builders have, we can help you create a magnificent landscape you will be proud of. Our professional crew is unrivaled in the field of custom landscape design in San Diego County.

If you want to incorporate a garden into your landscape without having to overwork yourself trying to keep it lush and healthy, they’ve got your back. This is where xeriscaping comes in. You get a beautiful, natural-looking front yard without wasting precious water. This is what makes xeriscaping San Diego’s increasingly popular gardening choice.

Xeriscapes work with, not against, our dry climate. They offer you significant savings on your water bills and help the ecosystem. Need help choosing native plants? How about adding a dramatic rockscape? Call our landscape and hardscape company for eye-catching designs and installations.

What is xeriscape gardening?

Xeriscaping makes sense in an arid climate like ours. Using plants that have low water needs and high sun tolerance saves you on your irrigation expenses, and it is good for the environment. What’s more, it doesn’t limit your options at all because there are so many drought-tolerant plants to choose from when creating xeriscapes in San Diego.

Local xeriscapes focus on native plants and those from the handful of places on earth with a climate similar to ours:

  • the US Southwest,
  • Mexico,
  • Chile,
  • the Mediterranean,
  • South Africa,
  • Australia and
  • New Zealand.

Of course, thirsty species imported from the East Coast, Europe and Asia can thrive here with the right irrigation system, but why waste precious water during droughts?

The perks of xeriscapes in San Diego

Xeriscaping is the element that will, beyond doubt, make your front or backyard design in San Diego stand out. With the right xeriscaping, almost any garden style and theme can be created in our area. You are not just confined to a desert look. Just take a look at the vast variety of cozy-looking fire pits in San Diego and pick one.

There are so many drought-tolerant species available that can be used to create exquisite landscapes. Others have been adapted to our climate.

The use of water-wise plants makes xeriscaping a smart choice for San Diego homeowners.

Even San Diego’s famous Balboa Park is leading by example. Its xeriscapes are a convenient way to show that rational water consumption does not have to equal a dull, monotonous garden. Not only do xeric plants contribute to the preservation of water but also come in many colorful varieties.

The outstanding potential of xeriscaping in San Diego

Of course, xeriscaping does not need to be an all-or-nothing project. We can create sections of green with sod installation or water gardens, and divide the property into zones with custom walls or borders. Our irrigation design can deliver adequate hydration to thirstier plants and sodded areas, while conserving it in places with drought-friendly plantings.

How does xeriscaping help the environment?

Many San Diego homeowners are skeptical about the possibility of having a picturesque front yard without wasting water. With a xeriscape, you can reduce your household’s consumption of water without having to give up on a mesmerizing garden.

All you need is the help of a professional crew to get you started. Our designer will help you hand-pick the most stunning xeric plants and create the ideal design layout. Our builders will then proceed to make those ideas a reality.

Choosing low-water plants used in xeriscapes goes hand in hand with adjustments to irrigation systems. We can design, retrofit and install the latest in drip irrigation, and zoned and automated sprinklers. We can even remove irrigation equipment altogether, if you wish.

What is a rockscape?

Landscaping with rocks, pebbles and stones is a sure way to cut water bills and maintenance. There’s little to no grass that requires constant mowing and fertilizing. For many people, ditching turf altogether is a real time-saver.

This makes rockscaping and xeriscaping San Diego’s homeowners favorite combination. Rockscaping is a natural when paired with xeriscape because you get the best of both worlds: minimal upkeep without sacrificing the beauty of plants.

How to design a xeriscape backyard with a rockscape?

You can create dramatic landscaping using rocks, pebbles and boulders along with some low-water favorites. We can give you the look of an oasis by surrounding cacti, succulents or even palms with large rocks and pebbles.

We can replicate the look of dry riverbeds and install charming bridges over them. We can create more visual interest with pavers leading to patios, pools and decks. These hardscapes add character and make your yard more usable.

When we do rockscaping or xeriscaping, we meet with you to determine your goals and budget. We measure the yard and help you choose the right hardscape materials. For a rockscape, we typically dig down 4-6 inches and remove soil and roots.

Then we install special sheeting to discourage weeds from growing. Finally, we add the desired mix of boulders, rocks and pebbles. We source ours from KRC Rock and Boulder. They are known for excellent quality and plentiful selection.

#1 Experts for xeriscaping San Diego can rely on

When we do local xeriscape design, we can retrofit your irrigation system or disconnect it altogether. We have hundreds of planting possibilities that will ensure an impressive yard all year round. Our professional landscaping designers and builders will go out of their way to ensure you finally have a yard you have been dreaming of: beautiful and practical.

Pacific Dreamscapes: the place to go for xeriscapes in San Diego

For xeriscape landscaping to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing look, installation should be handled by professional landscapers. We have long been at the forefront of the low-water yard trend and have more than 16 years of experience along with the highest BBB ratings.

Call today for a free estimate on rockscapes and xeriscapes anywhere in San Diego County!

Let us turn your outdoor space into your pride & joy.

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Karen O.

Robert and his crew did an amazing job in our backyard. The guys were very professional, respectful and very detail-oriented. The pavers, shade structure and turf transformed our backyard into a great oasis for entertaining or just plain relaxing and enjoying. We so highly recommend Robert and his crew, we will be using them again for future projects!

Joe K.

I contacted Robert to remove a large outdated water feature and replace it with a bar. Demolition went smoothly and they matched the existing hardscape perfectly. Highly recommend. Quality workmanship from all his employees.

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