6 Outdoor Kitchen Island Ideas

April 1

If you’d like to enrich your backyard area with a cozy al fresco cooking space, opting for the island design is a great option to choose. You can organize it in different ways depending on your own needs and desires. If you prefer that professionals deal with your outdoor cooking area and install a BBQ island, hiring a reliable landscaping company in San Diego is the right way to do it. However, if you’d like to go it alone, have a look at these 6 ways of building an outdoor kitchen island and make your backyard stand out.

How to build an outdoor kitchen island?

When it comes to this type of kitchen, you can get creative with design and turn any idea into a feasible project. Here are the most popular ideas to help you on your way.

Stone island

A massive stone island with a beautiful marble slab on top adds character to your outdoor space and it can serve different purposes.You’ll have more work space, but it can also be a serving area. Add a pair of bar stools and you get a place for dining.

Two‐tier island

This is a two-level design. The lower level serves as a preparation area where you can also add a sink. The higher level serves as a dining area where your guests can sit and enjoy talking with you while you do the chopping and serving.

Curved island

With this kind of island, you can also combine the cooking and the dining area, but the curved shape allows more seating space. It’s a perfect fit for backyards with curved patios or features like a circular fire pit.

Wall island

An island featuring a slatted wall provides both function and style, and you can easily turn this design into a DIY project. Not only does it look great, but it also saves counter space since you can attach holders and containers to the wall and use them as extra storage with convenient access.

Island on wheels

A portable feature is an excellent way to adapt your space according to occasion. It’s not complicated to make one on your own and design it to fit your needs. The easiest way is to build a cuboid shape and organize the inside to serve as storage space where you can place all the cooking and dining supplies that you need. The back and the sides of it can serve as seating and dining space. Once you’re done with food preparation, you can push it aside and use the whole surface as a serving area. The wheels will make it really easy to relocate it wherever you want.

L shape

The L shape is useful if you’d like to include all kinds of features and appliances like a multifunctional grill and pizza oven. It does cost more than other designs, but it’s worth the value since it allows for all your cooking creativity.

What dependable company can build an attractive BBQ island in my backyard in San Diego?

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