6 Design Ideas for Incorporating Flagstone

August 1

Whether you’re remodeling your backyard features or building new ones, flagstone is a material you should consider. It blends perfectly into different designs because of its natural shapes and colors, and it’s very resistant, so you can be sure it will last.  If you reside in Rancho Penasquitos, or any other nearby area, you can easily find a dependable landscape contractor to help you with the design and installation. However, if you’d like to learn more about the ways you can use flagstone in your backyard, keep reading. 

How can I use flagstone in my landscape design?

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate these amazing stones into the design of your outdoor features. Here are some of the best ideas you can apply around your home. 


Whether you’d like your patio to have a more formal look, or you’d prefer a more natural one, flagstone is a great fit in both cases. Simply use geometric forms for the first one or irregular forms for the latter. It comes in different colors, and a significant advantage is that due to its rough texture, your patio will be slip‐resistant.


You can use flagstone for creating patios of various forms. However, if you have small children or elderly people at your home or visiting often, it’s better to make it a bit more smooth and straight with regular form flagstone pavers to prevent any tripping.

Stepping stones

    For a more adventurous look, you can go for stepping stones instead of a regular walkway. Simply place the flagstones a couple of inches apart from each other and fill in the gaps with groundcover plants, river rock, or pea gravel. This is also a cheaper solution since you’ll need fewer stones.

Retaining wall

While it’s not very common to use flagstone for retaining walls, you can do it to achieve a smoother transition. However, the wall shouldn’t be too high. You can choose to just stack the stones one over another, but if you’d like it to be more long‐lasting, use mortar to hold them together. 

Garden edge

A garden edge is something you can use to border your garden beds. It can make your garden look tidy, and you can always choose between the geometric and natural shape for different effects. Considering all the color varieties these stones are available in, you can easily match or contrast them with your plants. 

Swimming pool deck                                                                                        How can I use flagstone in my landscape design

A perfect way to upgrade your pool area is to deck it with flagstone. It’s a perfect material since not only does it prevent slipping, but certain types such as sandstone also do not absorb heat, which means you can freely walk around your pool without getting your feet burned. Finally, a significant feature of flagstones is that they are permeable, so you won’t risk flooding the surrounding area.     

Where in Rancho Penasquitos can I hire a dependable landscape contractor?

If you’re wondering what exactly flagstone is and how to incorporate it in the design of your lovely backyard, feel free to reach out to Pacific Dreamscapes. We boast our trained specialists who always go out of their way to meet our clients’ needs and implement them in the best way possible.  If you live in Rancho Penasquitos, or you reside anywhere else in San Diego, we’ll be happy to help you make your backyard truly stand out. Call now and schedule your initial consultation!