Rain And Pavers: How Well Do They Mix?

June 28

All work performed outdoors has a dose of unpredictability and uncertainty, often due to the fact that we can’t influence the weather. When it comes to laying pavers, weather conditions play an important factor in the process.  You must be excited if you’re planning to transform your backyard with nice new pavers. But what if there’s nothing but rainy days on the horizon, and you’re already tired of waiting for the installation day to come? Can technicians install your pavers while it’s raining Paver companies employ time-tested techniques and tools to ennoble the exterior of your home, reduce the chances of moss appearing between the pavers, and prevent other common issues. Still, they are not all-powerful. Keep on reading to find out if professionals can install your pavers on a rainy day. 

What happens if it rains when installing pavers?

Rain can certainly be an interfering factor in the paver installation process, but not so much as to completely interrupt the execution. This is especially true when it comes to drizzle or light rain. In such weather conditions, most of the work can be completed quite smoothly, including excavation, drainage installation, spreading and leveling sub-base material, laying edges and kerbs, and even laying the pavers. Heavy rain, on the other hand, presents a more difficult problem. In addition to creating unpleasant working conditions, heavy rain can interrupt nearly every part of the installation process. Most known methods of joining pavers are simply impractical and will not give quality results when performed in such conditions.  During the installation process, mortar and concrete can lose their original properties and further weaken due to too much water, so it is necessary to make a harder mixture. When you scratch some wet sand and squeeze it, little or no water should come out of it. It is best to postpone work until the rain stops and the material dries, but keep in mind that pavers can get hot, so a sweltering summer day may not be the best choice either. 

Will rain mess up paver sand?

Whether you want crushed stone or sand as the base material, you must make sure to lay a solid and secure foundation. In case of bad weather, you will again face two options:
  • If there is a huge downpour, it’s best to postpone the process. Sand will surely get wet and wash out of the joints, so it is best to reschedule and start from the beginning.
  • If there is light rain, you’ll most likely have nothing to worry about. If the sand is still in place between the joints, the joints are not bubbling, and there is no spilled sand on the paver surface, leave it to dry a bit and continue working.
In any case, rain can ruin your plans and mess up the sand, so it is a good idea to double check the weather forecast before you start the installation process.

Will rain mess up paver sandWhere to find the best paver companies in San Diego?

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