Getting Rid of Moss on Pavers: Best Tips From Experts

June 28

Paver installation is a great way to beautify your backyard, but nature can often intervene, adding a few unwanted details on your pavers, such as moss. Moss thrives in humid conditions, so don’t be surprised if your paver installation in San Diego becomes a victim of the great menace during the wetter parts of the year.  Although moss may start to grow if pavers are installed in bad and rainy weather, there are many other reasons why this might happen. If you have moss on your pavers, keep reading and find out how professionals recommend solving this problem.

Why is moss growing between pavers?

Moss can appear in warm areas, typically in the shade of trees or near places with high moisture and humidity, such as coasts. If moss is growing in your backyard, look for signs of excessive dampness, as undetected leaks are one of the most common culprits of mold growth. To prevent this, try to reduce the moisture (if it comes from your home and it is something you can affect), expose the pavers to direct sunlight, or try to increase the pH value of the soil.

Is moss between pavers bad?

In addition to looking visually unattractive and thus reducing the value of your home, moss and weeds can also pose a potential risk for slipping and tripping.However, moss isn’t bad in itself, and it may even give a certain dose of charm to your pavers, if you are looking for a more rustic look. Despite this, moss can be difficult to control because it grows and spreads very quickly, and can get especially slippery and dangerous on rainy days.

How do you remove moss from paving stones?

If you want your old pavers to look like new again, the following few hints can help you get rid of moss, grass, and weeds:
  • Is moss between pavers badThe first, and at the same time the most economic and natural option is to expose your pavers to direct sunlight
  • See if you have any leaks from pipes, faucets or sprinklers. If you have, hire professionals to fix them.
  • Put boiling water on your pavers and scrub it. This is a very easy and popular solution.
  • Spray a mixture of half vinegar and half water and let it dry for half an hour, and then scrub. This is also one of the most common solutions, but it does not always give good results.
  • This solution follows the same procedure as the previous one, except that instead of vinegar, you use bleach and you can scrub before applying. Since bleach is a strong and dangerous chemical, take care and handle it carefully.
  • Generously sprinkle baking soda on the pavers, leave overnight and scrub the next day.
  • If none of the previous options achieve the desired results, try commercial moss removers. Keep in mind that the most effective products are based on ammonium iron sulfate.

How to get the best paver installation in San Diego?

There is no reason not to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family enjoying a nice play at the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Professionals can handle your paver installation with efficiency and ease, allowing you to enjoy your free time without worry.  Here at Pacific Dreamscapes we will ensure that you receive quality and professional support, whether in maintaining old pavers or installing new ones. As one of the best landscaping companies in the region, we bring tailored solutions that boost your home’s appeal and functionality. Give us a call and transform your backyard into an oasis free from moss!