Hardscape Features Worth the Investment

October 28

Integrating hardscape features into your landscape can be a great way to add value to your property in the equity it adds to your home, but also in the way you enjoy your time in the outdoor space. However, not every hardscape project carries equal benefits. Dependable companies in San Diego, CA can help you find a worthwhile project to invest in and send their paver step installers or other specialists to your site to render unique solutions. Understanding a full scope of your options will help you choose wisely and opt for the best hardscape features to complement your landscape. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What hardscapes features should I incorporate?

Before you communicate your ideas and desires to your contractor, gaining a comprehensive knowledge about the details and effects of different features will give you a better insight into the potential benefits of each of them. Take a look at the 6 best hardscapes to consider:


While a driveway can be challenging to design in terms of aesthetics, the size of it will significantly add to your curb appeal. You can make it more captivating by incorporating interesting materials such as concrete pavers, stained concrete, and cobblestone. Picking a double-ribbon design will allow it to fit naturally into the landscape, at the same time rendering a permeable solution that filters rainwater instead of creating runoff. 


Paths and walkways allow for an even wider choice of different materials including stone, brick, concrete, glass pebbles, pavers, and terrazzo. Focus on the materials and colors that will complement the style of your home and fit your garden.


Whether a retaining or a sitting wall, it’s a lasting feature with a strong design statement. Pick the materials according to the region and architecture of your house. Opting for the right color and adding elements such as plantings will result in an artistic masterpiece in your backyard. 


Adding a patio off one of your home’s exits will let your interior living space flow right into your outdoor area. Depending on your preference, it can be a small cozy nook where you can wind down in the evening, or a large space where you can include a bar, cocktail tables, or a barbecue island and throw awesome parties for your friends and family. Patios also allow for a variety of quality materials to choose from including concrete pavers, stamped concrete, brick, and flagstone.


Stairs make a perfect addition to your sloping landscape. If your yard features a steep slope, you can opt for sets of steps with switchbacks, landings, or turns. Blending some soft features into this design can result in beautiful solutions with high aesthetic appeal.

Fire pits

Stepping out into the fresh air after you’ve had a long day to sit around a fire pit and relax listening to the soft crackling is a one-of-a-kind experience that adds not only value, but also warmth and comfort to your home.

Where in San Diego, CA can I find expert paver steps installers?

Pacific Dreamscapes is the right team for any kind of landscaping projects you may have in mind. We’ll tell you all about the difference between hardscape and softscape features, why and where you should incorporate one of them, and provide you with any other information necessary to reach a perfect solution that meets your needs. Our skilled and knowledgeable experts will go above and beyond to deliver the quality service you deserve.  Whether your residence is in La Jolla or another surrounding neighborhood, all you need to do is give us a call!   What hardscapes features should I incorporate