Top 5 Go-To Hardscaping Materials

November 23

Implementing hardscape elements into your back or front yard can significantly improve not only your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also the functionality of your landscape. However, it’s important to carefully plan the type of feature and material that best complements your style and layout. Reliable contractors in San Diego can help you carry out your project, whether it’s about paver step installation near you or any other type of landscaping job. However, before you hire your specialists, learning more about the best available hardscaping materials can help you reach the final decision more efficiently. Read on to find out more about their characteristics.

Which materials are good for hardscaping?

There’s a variety of materials to choose from, but learning more about their aesthetic appeal, cost, durability, and the function each of them can have in your backyard is essential in making your landscape as efficient and attractive as possible:


Pavers are one of the most common hardscape materials due to their durability, versatility, low maintenance, and slip-resistant surface even during wet weather conditions. They’re available in a selection of different colors and styles, which is why they can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal. Moreover, in case any piece gets stained or broken, it’s easy to swap it out. 


Flagstone is a common name for many different types of rocks that first undergo chiseling to get large flat chunks which are then broken into flagstone-sized pieces. Soft types include sedimentary rocks such as limestone and sandstone. Igneous stones are harder and include basalt and granite. Finally, the toughest varieties include metamorphic rocks such as marble and quartzite.  The best thing about flagstone is that it comes in a plethora of different shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can easily combine them to your own preference and create unique designs and patterns. Choose irregular shapes and sizes for a natural and rustic look, or opt for clear lines and a repeating pattern for a clean, modern appearance.


Travertine is perfect for areas around the pool or outdoor kitchens, since its texture is slip-resistant and it stays cool to the touch even when it’s scorching hot.It’s common in white and tan colors, but it also comes in browns and grays. While it costs more initially, it’s extremely durable.


As a cheaper alternative to other materials, concrete is quite durable and can be used for different hardscape features. However, a significant downside to it is that it needs maintenance and weather fluctuations can cause cracks, porousness, and staining.

Loose stone

Natural rocks are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and at favorable prices. They allow you to get creative and experiment with different designs. However, they’re not a convenient solution for features such as pathways or in areas around pools, since they render a rough rather than flat surface and stepping on it can be dangerous.

Where in San Diego can I book a reliable paver step installation near me?

If you’re considering upgrading your landscape, learning more about the different ways to do it is essential for reaching your goals successfully. Understanding how hardscapes and softscapes differ, what hardscapes are best to incorporate, and why you should implement them at all, can be crucial for the final outcome of your design.  Fortunately, specialists at Pacific Dreamscapes have the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out a landscaping project of any scope. Whether you’re in Sorrento Valley or in any other neighborhood, we’ll work together with you to listen to your ideas, analyze your existing landscape, and provide the solution that matches your needs. Call now!san diego paver step installation near me