How Driveway Pavers Increase Property Value

March 31

What would be the best way to increase your home value? A trendy paver patio goes without saying, as people are attracted to these oases of privacy and tranquility. But what about driveway pavers? Can they enhance your property’s worth, too? We asked the professionals in San Diego, CA, who provide a driveway pavers installation service in the area, and they said yes. This landscape investment can make your household stand out from the crowd in three ways. Keep reading to learn more!

Do driveway pavers boost your home value?

When it comes to improving your home value, a paver driveway is an excellent investment. Pavers offer many advantages, including incredible aesthetic appeal, extreme durability, and an inherent environmentally-friendly feature. Here are 3 ways in which new driveway pavers increase the value of your residence:

1. Driveway pavers will promote your property’s curb appeal.

As the first thing people usually notice when they enter your home, driveways can be considered your property’s welcome mat. So, if you have an outmoded and discolored concrete driveway, it can deter your buyers and set their expectations low. On the other hand, a well-designed and visually-appealing paver driveway sets a positive tone with its clean lines, colors, and textures and can surely impress your visitors.  Since driveway pavers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, you can easily find a solution that can match your personal style and showcase the innate beauty of your household. You can obtain a minimalistic look or introduce some vintage charm to your real estate, whatever pleases your aesthetic sensibilities.

2. Driveway pavers are made to last for many years to come.

Heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions pose no problem for pavers, an incredibly robust option for driveways made to remain intact for decades. Their interlocked nature allows them to bear four times more weight than concrete which isn’t thermal shock-resistant, cracks easily, and can’t be repaired efficiently. It’s extremely challenging to obtain the same shade and texture when concrete shows signs of wear and tear.  However, if a paver gets chipped, repair costs will be low as you’ll only need to replace the damaged piece, and no one will spot the difference. On top of that, due to their sturdiness, pavers require minimal maintenance.  Since pieces are laid on a base, weeds will have no room to grow. They resist staining, scratching, and fading, so you’ll only need to remove dirt and debris occasionally. This will make your home low-maintenance and long-lasting, a feature most alluring to potential buyers.

3. Driveway pavers are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Rainwater conservation and management have become an essential issue in many sustainably-oriented communities, and driveway pavers can give their contribution. Water can seep through the gaps between pavers, allowing them to function as an environmentally friendly driveway. This can prevent erosion, keep debris and pollutants away from waterways, and lower strain on the sewer system caused by stormwater runoff. Prospective buyers who care about the environment won’t remain indifferent to this eco-friendly aspect of your property.

Final note:

A properly designed and laid paver driveway will raise your property’s value by reinforcing its curb appeal, longevity, and sustainability.

Where in San Diego, CA, can I find a reliable driveway pavers installation service?

san diego ca driveway pavers installation serviceFinding the paver driveway design that accentuates the beauty of your property in Point Loma or elsewhere in San Diego has never been easier with Pacific Dreamscapes professionals around. Our company has invaluable experience in various hardscape solutions, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in your household revamping project. Together we’ll find the best paver driveway solution that will wow everyone. Schedule an on-site consultation today!