2 Common Questions About Driveway Pavers

March 31

Before investing in any kind of driveway, it’s advisable to do thorough research to ensure you’ve made the right choice for your property. You want it to match your individuality and preferences and last for years. That being said, check the article below as driveway pavers installers from San Diego, CA, answer the two common questions about this trendy flooring solution that can assist you in your decision-making process. Read on!

What are the most durable driveway pavers?

The type of material used to produce driveway pavers determines their durability. The following driveway pavers are among the most long-lasting ones:

1. Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are a mainstream driveway option owing to their robustness and long life expectancy. They resist weathering and won’t crack even under heavy loads. They’re also relatively affordable and available in numerous designs and colors, so they can easily accentuate the style of your property.

2. Brick pavers 

These pavers are another durable option for your driveway, as they’re robust and fading-resistant. Traditionally, they’ve been made from clay, but contemporary technology has allowed manufacturers to use concrete to achieve the same look.  Concrete brick pavers boast more sturdiness than old-school clay pavers at a lower price. They can add a classic charm to your property and increase its curb appeal.

3. Natural stone pavers

If you’re looking for enduring pavers that can introduce timeless beauty into your household, you can opt for natural stone pavers such as granite, bluestone, travertine, etc. They can bear heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.

4. Porcelain pavers

Even though they’re a relatively new driveway solution, porcelain pavers are rapidly gaining immense popularity thanks to their incredible, almost indestructible properties and minimum maintenance.  They’re made from thick first-rate non-porous ceramic clay and can resist stains, scratches, and everyday wear and tear caused by temperature fluctuations. In addition to the extreme durability, they offer an outstanding possibility to express your creativity as they’re available in various shades and styles.

Final thoughts

You’ll need to consider your preferences and weather conditions to find the most durable driveway pavers. It’s essential to consult with a reputable contractor who can help you determine what pavers will be suitable for your future project.

How long should a paver driveway last?

Paver driveway lifespan depends on three vital factors: the material quality, the installation process, and the maintenance level. On average, concrete, natural stone, and brick pavers should last 20-25 years, while porcelain pavers remain intact longer.  The installation process is crucial for your driveway’s lifespan. Your paver driveway should be installed by experienced professionals who can lay the pieces properly on a solid foundation. This can prevent pavers from shifting, which can destroy your driveway over time. However, to maximize your paver driveway’s longevity, you need to take care of it regularly and properly. This means you should frequently clean the surface thoroughly to avoid any heavy debris and dirt build-up. Also, if you notice any damage, you should replace the cracked pavers immediately. Lastly, make sure to seal your pavers every few years to safeguard them from fading and staining.

Where can I find trustworthy driveway pavers installers in San Diego, CA, and the area?

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