Top 6 Paver Designs

March 8

Whether you’re making a new patio or driveway for your property, you should definitely consider installing pavers. In addition to being extremely durable, they also offer a fantastic opportunity to choose stunning patterns that will suit your personal style. You’ll be able to create distinctive layouts that integrate beauty with practicality no other hardscape options boast. In the article below, San Diego, CA, our experts in driveway pavers installation have listed some of the most common paver patterns to spark your imagination and give you some ideas about your future project. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the best pattern for paver design?

When it comes to paver patterns, creativity knows no bounds. However, you must be aware some are very challenging to make. Also, with some designs, you can use multi-sized pieces. Others come to the fore when you use blocks of the same size. It’s even possible to create compelling and impressive designs by mixing different styles, shapes, and patterns. Here are 6 possible patterns that can make your real estate stand out from the crowd. 

Traditional Paver Patterns

Classics will never fail you. Look at the following four old-school patterns that leave no one indifferent.

1. Running Bond

This pattern is similar to the classic subway tile look. You need to lay rectangular or square pavers side-by-side but stagger every alternate row. To set your imagination free, you can get creative with colors, pattern direction, and borders. Due to its structural nature, Running Bond is excellent for your driveway or high-foot walkways.

2. Stack Bond

This is one of the most straightforward patterns to achieve, and it can give your driveway or patio a minimalist look. To obtain this pattern, you can use paving stones of any proportions. However, you should ensure that they’re all the same size.  Also, line up each stone from one corner to the other, creating a perfectly straight line. To introduce an additional level of charm, you can also arrange stacked bonds diagonally.

3. Herringbone

A herringbone pattern uses rectangular pieces laid zig-zag. To add an extra pop, you can use contrasting borders. Typically, herringbone patterns are installed at angles of 45 or 90 degrees.  The first option adds visual impact by making the pavers look diagonally oriented. But for heavy-duty areas such as driveways, the 90-degree angle is more desirable as it prevents pavers from shifting.

4. Basket Weave

In this pattern, pavers seem to disappear under pavers positioned perpendicularly, then reappear on the other side — hence the name “basket weave.” If you want to add an antique look to your property, this is an excellent option, as it gives your driveway a vintage feel. The basket weave pattern is created using rectangular pavers in pairs. Modular designs can be obtained by alternating color tones or laying directions to add contemporary flair, making your outdoor space look distinguished.

5. Modular pavers

In addition to the above traditional patterns, you can opt for modular-shaped pavers. These designs are ideal for larger patios. They come in different square and rectangular sizes and can be laid in less repetitive patterns that introduce a contemporary look to your property.

6. Asymmetrical pavers

If you want to achieve a more natural and laid-down look, asymmetrical pavers offer limitless possibilities. They usually come with false joints, which give an illusion of multiple shapes laid at random.  As an effective alternative to conventional patterns, you can lay cobble-style pavers of different shapes and sizes to gain a more random look that can significantly change the tone of your backyard. 

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