How to Choose the Right Pattern for Your Patio Paver

May 5

If you’re planning to make your backyard stand out by building a lovely paver patio, considering the overall design is an important step. More specifically, depending on the effect you’d like to achieve, you should choose a proper pattern for your deck so you can completely enjoy the final outcome. Dependable landscaping companies in San Diego can help you pick the right choice, and their patio paver installers will design and build it in no time. However, if you’d like to know more about different patterns and their characteristics, read on and find out all about it.

How do I choose a paver pattern?

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what combination best fits your style and needs. Take a look at some of the most popular patterns based on their visual effects.

Separate areas visually

If you’d like to divide your area into different zones, you can do this by using different patterns or by changing the direction of the same pattern. For example, for large areas, you can use a running bond in one part, then put a double border and switch to a herringbone. For smaller areas, you can use the simple running bond or basket weave and then rotate the direction by 45 degrees. This way, you don’t need any vertical features as boundaries between different areas.

Accentuate the geometry

For an artistic effect, you can set up the pieces so the design corresponds with the shape of the entire feature. This is especially effective with circular shapes. Arrange your desired pavers in circular lines to fill up your round patio whether it’s large or small.

Make the space look larger

If you intend to use a design that makes your space seem larger, it’s better to go for a simple one like a running bond. Another important factor is the size of the paver, so if you use large format pieces, you’ll reduce the number of lines that break the surface making it look more spacious. Finally, pattern direction also contributes to the effect. If you lay rectangular pieces following the direction of a narrow space, it may seem even narrower and longer, whereas a 45 degree direction will cancel that effect.

Make the space intimate

If you’d rather give a more intimate and cozy look to your space, the process is the opposite of making it look large. Go for small format pieces and run them in a herringbone pattern. Make sure you go for deep and warm colors and you’ll have a cozy nook to spend time in.

Give it a natural look

Make your feature blend into the surrounding landscape using a randomized design that reflects spontaneity. To achieve this, you’ll need pavers of different sizes and shapes that will fit into a repeating pattern, but one that is less discernible. For a full effect, you can choose to not follow any pattern at all, but it will take longer time to organize all the pieces so they fit.

Where in San Diego can I reach out to reliable patio paver installers?

San Diego patio paver installersWhether you reside in Poway or another surrounding neighborhood, you can opt for Pacific Dreamscapes if you’re not sure how to build and maintain a lovely outdoor deck, or you’d like to upgrade your landscape in any other way. With high attention to detail and customer’s specific needs, our team of different specialists always go out of their way to build high quality features tailored to your own desires. Give us a call today and schedule your appointment!