Your Guide to Maintaining a Paver Patio

June 1

A beautiful patio is a great place for your family and friends to relax and spend time together in the open air. Not only is it a perfect hang-out spot, but it also boosts the value of your property, making it a sound investment for the future. With the reliable companies in San Diego, you can easily choose one of the best paver installation services and add value to your backyard with this amazing feature. Once you have it, all you need to do is maintain it properly. Have a look at these great tips on how to keep your patio looking as good as new.

How do you maintain a paver patio?

While it may seem like a complicated task, all you need is a couple of good tricks and proper tools, and your patio will stay in great condition for a long time.

Once a year

Apart from the everyday sweeping, you should wash your deck once a year. Make sure you choose mild, plant‐friendly detergent and dilute it in a bucket of water. Pour the solution over the surface and scrub with a brush to remove debris, build‐up, and dirt. Hose it down. In case you go for a pressure washer, make sure to choose the one that won’t damage the sand between the pavers.

Every 2 to 5 years

The steps you need to take every 2 to 5 years depend on the kind of sand you used to build your feature in the first place. In case you used a polymer enhanced sand, you’ll need to completely remove the old sand and install new. However, if yours is a regular jointing sand, you don’t need to remove all of it. It’s enough to replace the surface layer with a fresh one. At this point, in both cases, it would be good to also reseal the surface. It’s not necessary to do it, but it will certainly enhance the look and protect it from discoloring, aging, and staining.

Special maintenance

In cases of spills or other types of staining, it’s best to react immediately in order to prevent the stone from absorbing the stain. One of the ways to remove it is to apply the solution with the mild detergent onto the spot, scrub it well, and let it sit between 20 and 30 minutes. Wash away with clean hot water. However, if it’s a grease or oil stain, you should first soak it up with a towel and then evenly spread kitty litter over the area. Let it sit for about half an hour, then gently sweep and dispose of it. Now, you can apply the steps with the soapy solution. In case the stain is still visible, repeat the process. Finally, if the stain is still there, you might consider hiring professionals to do it for you, or you can replace the paver or pavers that are stained.

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