Your Guide to Designing and Building a Paver Patio

May 5

If you’d like to add value to your property with a place where you can enjoy some leisure time with your family and friends or just a quiet spot where you can read a book and have a glass of wine, a patio is the perfect solution. To put this idea into action, you can opt for professional help and hire reliable patio paver installers in San Diego. However, if you’re a skilled DIYer, you can easily carry out the project on your own. Take a look at these great tips on how to design and install this feature in your backyard.

How to design and build a paver patio?

With the proper foundation and right materials, you can easily build a patio in just one day. These expert tips will help you on your way.

Clear the area

To begin with, you should choose the area where you want to build the feature. Once you’ve done this, make sure to clear stumps, roots, and shrubs. Next, dig about 6 inches into the soil, rake it, and tamp in order to make it firm for your base and pavers.

Prevent weeds

If you don’t want to see any sprouts between the bricks, the following step is to place landscape fabric over the entire area you’ve prepared. You can cut the edges of the fabric to make it fit. This material is porous and it will allow water to flow through, but block the weeds.

Make the foundation

To make a good foundation, you’ll need some crushed gravel. Spread a layer of about 2 inches over the fabric and make sure it’s even. Next, grab an iron rake and work your way around the entire surface to make it smooth. Tamp the layer until it’s very firm. Finally, add another one of the same thickness and repeat the whole process.

Ensure the foundation is level

You’ll need a leveling tool to make sure your foundation is ready for the final steps. Attach the tool to a long board and slide it over the gravel bed. It will show you if you need to adjust any contours to make it as flat as possible.

Add some sand

For the next supporting layer, spread about 1½ inches of builders sand over the gravel. It’s easy to make this surface smooth – just grab a long board, like the one you used for leveling, and slowly work your way from one side of the bed to another.

Prepare and lay the pavers

To your own preference, you can mix and match pavers of different sizes or even cut some pieces in half using a brick cutter. Next, lay the first line along the edge, then continue to fill the whole area. Tap each piece into place using a rubber mallet. The distance between the pieces shouldn’t be larger than ⅛ inch.

Finish your feature

As the final step, cover the entire area with a thin layer of sand. Grab a push broom to fill the crevices with it. Hose everything down to make the sand settle. If there are any gaps, fill them up, hose the entire area one more time, and you’ve completed your project.

Where can I hire professional patio paver installers in San Diego?

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